Sunday, September 30, 2012

Keeping Busy

The beginning of this week Addison still wasn't feeling very well. She got a lot of cuddling time and a whole lot of Elmo...again. We still tried to keep ourselves busy in hopes of "distracting" the little lady. I have been going to an aerobics class on Tuesdays that I love! Addison roams around with the other kids and I work my buns off! Addison is still sleeping in later than normal so I have been a very pleasant mommy:) We went to a few playgroups this week so Addison could be with her bff Will. Dave was busy with clinical and studying as usual. He managed to let me sneak out for a fun night of ladies bunko. I had a really good time and didn't make it home until after 11! I won a really cute Halloween treat basket. We tried a few arts and crafts this week. Addison does NOT like to get messy. She got that from her daddy and I hope and pray she grows out of it. I got her some markers and she liked looking at the animal faces on them better than coloring. Her masterpiece is proudly hanging on the fridge. I picked up a pumpkin at the farmer's market this week and let Addison paint it. She really liked doing a few brush strokes and then got some on her finger. She started to freak out and pointing her finger saying, "Hep, hep!"(help). I cleaned off her little purple finger and she did a few more colors. We put it out on our porch and when we get the mail Addison likes to roll it around. 

Addison's vocabulary has really taken off. She repeats almost everything that we say. Some of her new words are: hep(help), on, mill(mail), side(outside), baa(bath), moo, push(after she rings the doorbell), sit, shoeah(shoe), sock, feet, toe, how(house)...and the list goes on. She is a little chatty Cathy (wonder where she got that?)! These days she loves to play with her doll house. She sits in her chair and plays with all her little people and giggling at them. She runs around the corner yelling, HOW for house. The weather has still been pleasant so we have been continuing our wagon rides. I am afraid we are going to have to move it in the basement come winter time. 

I brought out a little bit of my crafty side again this week. Addison loves to wear my watches and put my hair elastics on her wrist. I found a pattern for cute felt velcro bracelet. I made a few and she likes to smell the flower on it and rip it off. She then grabs it and tell me to put it "on." She thinks she is pretty fancy. We tried to hit up a few garage sales this weekend. Not much luck, but a friend gave Addison a little dolly blanket. Addison likes to wrap up her baby and rock it over and over. It really melts my heart and I love watching her play. She is going to be a great big sister some day:) 

Dave had a campout this weekend so I had a girl's night. I had my friend, Kait over and we got Thai take out and watched Twlight. Addison loved running around with Will til almost 10! Dave came back the next morning and let me sand Addison's hopefully nightstand that will be a kitchen. I scooted off to the women's broadcast while Dave and Addion ran some errands together. We are loving Fall and everything that comes with it. I just got Addion's Halloween costume! She is going to be so pretty!  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sick Chicky

Poor Addison has been sick this past week. She has been sleeping in really late (which I was enjoying!) and acting fussy. I ended up taking her in and she has a bad UTI. It was so sad when they had to catheterize her. The nurses made me leave the room and I think I am more traumatized than she was.  She is cuddling a whole lot and we hope this passes sooner than later. We have watched more Elmo than I ever thought was possible. Never has this little lady sat on the couch curled up for a whole 45 minute show.The medicine they gave her has really curved her appetite. We have tried just about everything and haven't had a whole lot of luck. I was grateful that Dave was able to give her a priesthood blessing today after church. We took her on a wagon ride this afternoon and she managed to give us a few happy smiles:) Yesterday we watched her friend Will. She had a blast with him! It was the happiest she had been all week. She actually wanted to eat a snack when she saw him eating. The two little trouble makers pulled out all of the tupperware and and kept poking each other in the eye and giggling. Adidison walks around say, "WILL!" She says it in a really high pitched voice. It is really cute and she says it all day long. Thank goodness for little friends!
Over all this week was pretty busy. We didn't do anything really exciting, but I felt like I was running around every day. I signed Addison up for a toddler open gym on Fridays. I didn't know how she would like it or act since she was sick. She LOVED it. She rolled around on the mats and scooted around on some of the toys. A few of her friends from church attend as well so she was in good company. We finally made it to the local farmer's market. I have been wanting to go for weeks, but couldn't get there during the hours. We got broccoli, potatoes and apples. I hope to make it back a few more times before it gets too cold. Recipe exchange was this week and it was amazing! We met at a fancy olive oil and vinegar restaurant. They did a private taste testing and had a ton of samples for us. It was great to get out for a bit. Dave did a whole lot of studying this week and got a little cold towards the end of the week. On Saturday  Dave went with the young men to the temple. We ended the weekend with a dinner alone to a new Mexican restaurant. Addison survived without us and I only called once to check up on her:) 

Naval Museum

Dave got Rosh Hashanah off of school so we took advantage of a study free day! We had bought a groupon  earlier in the year for the Navel Museum. It was a pretty cool place. I think that Dave could have spent an entire day there. Addison wasn't so sure about having to be carried through the tight spaces. We got to tour 2 ships and a submarine. My favorite was the USS Sullivan. It was a self guided tour that had little descriptions at various points along the way. I am grateful that I will never have to be a cook on a ship for 10,000 hungry crew mate! It was a good afternoon and even better that Dave didn't have to study!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trip Down to Pittsburgh

Aunt Jenny had a free couple of days so Addison and I scooted on down. We went to this cute little fall farm close to their house. More importantly it was by a Jersey Mikes:) I promise that was NOT the only reason I went down for a visit (just an added bonus of course). I bought a handful of animal feed for Addison to give to the animals. She was not into it. She got really scared and started to cry. It surprised me since she is usually really into animals. In her defense the sheep were out of control crazy! They had little wooden house that Addison really liked going in and out of. We hit up the little market on the way out and Addison got a cookie as a treat. I love fall. I think it has to be my favorite season and I am loving the cooler weather that we are having at night. Addison enjoyed chasing Harley around for a few days. She likes to stick her hands in his mouth and poke his eyes with her finger. He tends to run away the second he see hers. Her favorite spot at Aunt Jenny's is Harley's dog bed. She throws out all of his blankets and pops a squat in there. The drive home took us forever! It poured hard rain the whole way, but Addison was an awesome road warrior. 

Week's Happenings

We had bbq chicken for dinner a few nights ago. I dished Addison up some and went about finishing some things. I looked over and saw that she was almost done. I was pretty pleased that she was finally eating chicken! I went over closer and saw that she had hidden the chicken in the center of the roll of tape! Little sneaky girl! She has become such a trickster. Addison LOVES my cup. I drink strawberry crystal light out of a plastic cup with a big straw. She puts her hands up for it almost every day. I have tried filling up a different cup for her, but NO! One day she had such big tears and got so mad I just gave in. Who could resist those eyes:)

Quick Visit

Gammie and Papa were on their way to Boston and stopped by for a couple of days. Grammie bought a cute little tea set for Addison and they had their first tea party. Addison took the event very seriously. She almost had the lifted pinky part right too! She got to enjoy a graham cracker at the party as well. I am sure there will be many more tea party afternoons in our future:) Papa read a lot of stories to Addison as well. She has grown to like only the books that have her picture in them. She has probably over 100 book and only about 3 with her pictures in them. Needless to say everyone get pretty tired of the same three books over and over. Papa was a good sport and kept her happy. Addison saw were Papa went to bed and in the morning she stood by his door knocking. She waited very patiently until he got up and was pretty happy that he was there! We took them to a restaurant called The Silo in Lewiston. It was a neat place that is outdoors and was on the show Man vs. Food. Besides fighting the bees off it was a great short trip!

Let the Games Begin!!!

I love the Hunger Games series. Dave took it upon himself to buy a bow to get in character for the next movie. We found an archery range close by and booked ourselves a half hour of per joy. It was a little intimidating with a professional shooter right next to us. We plan on going back to have lessons in about a month. We have to wait for hunting season to be over with before the classes resume. I felt pretty hard core wearing the protective arm gear! I even manged to hit the target by the end. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012


I have a secret hobby. Dave hates it, but it has turned out to be pretty successful. Our neighborhood has AMAZING garbage! I have picked up so many treasures in the past year it is unbelievable. The piles have started to collect in our garage and basement. I kept telling Dave that I was going to refinish them. I finally bit the bullet and finished one!!! I went down to Pittsburgh to see Jenny and we made a pretty good team. She bought this paint sprayer that was a dream. The paint goes on like glass(minus the 100 drips it creates). After sanding, priming, painting and repainting a cute little dolly highchair was finished! I love it and I think that Addison is in heaven. Next on my list the rocking chair in a million pieces and Addi's kitchen. Wish me luck and Dave patience!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Peach Days

We have sort of become a festival junkie family. There has been almost one every weekend since the summer started. This weekend was the peach festival in Lewiston. It started to pour rain in the middle of the night and continued throughout the morning. We put on our raincoats and rubber boots and went anyway. It was a little empty, but we still managed to have a good time together. Dave got peach shortcake and we shared a peach soda...Addison enjoyed it mostly! We got a big bag of peaches and I hope to make some cobbler filling to freeze.