Thursday, June 26, 2014

Grandma Michael Comes to Town

Grandma Michael came for her annual summer visit and she brought Aunt Makel for a few days. We hadn't seen Makel since just before she left on her mission so it was time! We picked them up from the airport and introduced them to Skyline of course. I think in order to love it you have to be from the area:) We went to the outlets and the girls did a really good job being shopping buddies. We met Dave up at the Air and Space Museum at the base. We tried going on a little hike, but there was a lot of bugs so we cut it short and just had a picnic there and headed home. The ladies got to sneak away and go to a movie while Dave wrestled the girls. We did a lot of playing in the back yard with the sprinkler and little pool. Grandma Michael helped do a face lift to our landscaping by pulling weeds...a lot of weeds! Addison coined the phrase, "She disappeared again!" Dave and I got to go on a date and stay out late one night. Avery loved having someone to hold her and give her extra attention. Addison fell asleep on the way to the airport and was very sad when she woke up and Grandma Michael was gone. We had a great time and look forward to having her visit!

Ring Around the Ocean

Addison just finished her first summer of swim lessons and it was a long two weeks! We had to be at the pool at 9:15 and it was a little rough in the beginning. We finally got the grove of things as soon as it was over! Addison was incredibly shy for the first week and still had a difficult time up until the second to last lesson. She kept saying that the water was too deep and she didn't want to be away from me!?!? I put her in lessons because last summer she has NO fear and I wanted her to learn how to be safe this year. Addison screamed and cried, but I told her teacher that we would press on! I was very proud of her by the end when she even blew bubbles and put her face in. They sang a cute song that went to the tune of  Ring Around the Rosie  that Addison sings all the time now. It goes like this:
Ring around the ocean,
Pocket full of fishes,
Splashes, Splashes,
We all blow bubbles
We're learning that Addison is a little shyer than we thought and takes some time to warm up to new ideas. I will always remember this summer as the year I had to jump in the water with my clothes on to help the lifeguard who was holding my child as she kicked and scream opera style :) We have been back to the pool a couple of times and clearly Addison isn't afraid of the water at all! Here's to a summer of going to the pool and me chasing Addison around and trying to keep poor Avery from getting splashed like crazy!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Avery Mae at 9 Months

We just had our first experience going up to the base for the girls doctor appointments. I was able to do them back to back which meant less driving. Both girls seem to be having issues in different areas and the doctor was able to listen to me and give some advice. Avery is still very fussy at night and in general kind of an unhappy baby. I feel like I hold her 3/4 of the day and if I do that then she is content. Going down for naps and bedtime she'll cry on and off for a good 20 minutes. It's hard to listen to everyday, but even if we rock her completely asleep she'll cry when she gets laid down. Poor girl just wants to be held! I'm hoping that she'll outgrow this fussiness by the time she's one...wishful thinking! She got to start eating cottage cheese and soft shredded cheese this week. She loves it! When I open a jar of baby food she starts spitting right away. We are on our way out of giving her baby food since she hates it so much. When Avery puts in her binky she sticks her finger in the hole and sucks on her finger. It's really cute and she sits and does it a lot. She's almost pulling herself up to a standing position to her toys. She loves to stand when I help her and has a really good balance doing so. She is crawling everywhere! The baby gate went up and her favorite spot is the sliding glass door. Addison has become a big helper in feeding Avery while I make dinner. She will give her applesauce which includes a bite for herself after she gives one to Avery:) When I shower or am doing things upstairs Avery goes straight for the toilet in both bathrooms. She grabs the little knob covers on down on the side of the toilet and tires to eat them...gross!! I think she consumes at least 10 squares of toilet paper a week. She is so fast and shoves it in before I can even think to get it out. We went swimming for the first time this week and Avery just kicked and kicked in the water. She wasn't a huge fan of the hat on her head, but splashing in the water was a good distraction. Avery you are a special addition to our little family. You teach me how to love more and more every day!

Weight: 18lbs 3 oz 38%
Height: 27.87 61%
Head: 44.5 cm 65%

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Now We Have A 3 Year Old...

Miss Addison June turned three! She has been waiting for her birthday for a long time. She told us that she wanted a pink computer and she wouldn't budge on the idea. Neither of us are entirely sure where she came up with the idea, but I went to work looking for one. Aunt Jenny ended up finding one at Walmart of all places. Grandma Michael was in town still so Addison was on cloud nine with both sets of grandparents to make her feel special. Addison requested hootanany pancakes for breakfast that she still likes to call hoopanany pancakes. She got extra syrup as well :) We decided to meet Grammie and Papa at a nice park with a picnic and we brought Addison's bike. She ran around and Papa chased her through the park. We came home and Addison got to open a new sprinkler for the back yard. Cassie and Drew came over later that afternoon for pizza and cupcakes. All day Addison kept saying that she couldn't wait for her friends to come over. She asked where Kalei and Will were and it almost made me cry! Kalei was very thoughtful and sent an Anna doll from Frozen. Addison has slept with it every night since. Grandma and Grandpa Michael gave her a new scooter that she loves to ride to the mail box to help carry the mail back. Aunt Katie sent a pretty Little Mermaid towel and sunglasses to take to her swim lessons and the pool. Aunt Jenny sent a teepee that she made that Addison goes and hides in to play on her computer. Grammie and Papa found a fun Frozen coloring book and story book. They also gave her a cute little picnic table for the back yard. She likes to eat her lunch on it on warm days. When she opened her pink computer she was pretty excited! She didn't know what to do with the mouse on the computer. She put it up to her ear like a headphone. She got a new suitcase to take to the airport on our trip out west in a few weeks. She has been packing around the suitcase for weeks now. She shoves all her kitchen food in there and rolls it all around. Addison was a princess for the day and had a great birthday!
Weight: 32.63 lbs 65%
Height: 35.7" 17%
Addison's Favorites age 3:
Food: pizza, fruit and any juice
Color: pink
Activities: swinging super fast, holding Avery, painting, doing dishes, watering flowers, bike rides with your daddy and looking at pictures on a phone 
Book: The Book of Mormon- Addison likes to repeat a verse during family scripture study when daddy reads
Dislikes: going potty, cutting her toenails, any vegetable, putting shirts over her head and band aids
Part of the Day: Addison loves when she gets to come out of quiet time and go run around outside or do a special activity

Addison, we love you and learn so much about who you are becoming everyday. You teach me how to be a better parent and that sometimes we just need to slow down. You love to give big bear hugs to your dad and kiss your mom on both cheeks. You are a loving big sister and always keep us on our toes! Happy third birthday Addison !

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Getting The Swing of Things

We are starting to get a little bit of a routine around here. Addison enjoys a tumbling class on Tuesday that she runs wild and jumps head first into a foam pit. I've tried to show her how to jump with her feet, but she continues to do a head dive. We miss grocery shopping at Wegman's but, Kroger's has mini shopping carts that keeps Addison pretty happy. She loves to fill her cart up till she can barely see over it. We meet up with Grammie about once a week to play. We went to Khron Conservitory to see the butterfly show again. We weren't as lucky this time around with getting them to land on us, but we still had fun. We spend most of our days outside in the back yard. Avery is enjoying eating the grass and deciding if she wants to start crawling. Both girls LOVE swinging. Addison is a pro at pushing Avery and getting her to giggle when she tickles her toes. Our neighborhood is perfect for taking walks because it's a giant loop. Addison can finally reach the peddles with her little legs and I pull Avery in the wagon. Somehow we find ourselves at skyline more often then not:) Avery got a little taste of some noodles and didn't spit them out! Addison convinces me to paint her toenails a lot and she even sat still long enough for me to do a flower. She couldn't be more of a girly girly! This move has taught me to really enjoy spending time just with my little family. Addison and I butt heads a lot, but her personality so similar to mine that I am learning to be patient. Avery is such a sweet little lady these days. She sucks in her top lip and does the biggest grin to anyone who will coax her. Addison loves to feed her rice cereal in the morning and help her with her snacks. The weather has been so nice am I'm hoping it stays nice so we can enjoy summer!

Memorial Day Weekend

We're finally making our way around the area on the weekends as a family. The rest of the boxes have been moved downstairs and out of sight. Dave got a long weekend for Memorial Day and we took full advantage. We drove down to Cincinnati and dropped the girl's off at my parents and headed to the temple. Between being pregnant and having a nursing baby we hadn't been together in over a year. It is always very peaceful and relaxing to go into the temple. We topped the night off by going to Cracker Barrel and getting way to much pecan pancakes. Saturday we ran around and Dave found a nice grill and finally got a good lawn mower. My mom and I went and got a pedicure at the end of the evening before heading back. My mom went on a lady trip so my dad came up Sunday to eat with us. Addison is always on cloud nine having grandparents around. We got up early on Saturday and went to a ward breakfast. Afterwards we went to Clifton Gorge for a little hike. Addison did great walking for about a mile. Avery was all smiles and then fell asleep on Dave's back. We stopped for a picnic and really enjoyed being outdoors. We stopped off at Young's Dairy for some ice cream after and to feed the goats.