Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Done and Done!

I finally checked off my last baby project!! I have had a list going for months and being off of work has given me lots of time to fill:)
A reversible carseat cover. The biggest accomplishment was learning how to sew curves and a square! Now if I could only remember how to thread a bobbin right!

Now we just need a sweet little baby to fill the seat!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

All Ready Now!

I have always had a dream...
and Dave made it come true!! 

Now I am officially prepared for this little one to make an entrance:) Well not entirely I still need my mom to make it in a week!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Bunny Did Come!

We did celebrate Easter around here. The Easter bunny came in full force this year. She usually takes care of both of us with one basket. Well the other bunny in the house did a basket as well so we will be eating candy until next Easter! 

We had some friends over for a nice ham dinner and it was delicious! We enjoyed the leftovers for the next week.

The grandma Easter bunny even remembered the baby:)

Happy late Easter!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Dave and I were lucky enough to have my good friend Lexy take some maternity pictures for us. It was super windy and dusty that day and Dave proved once again that photo shoots are not his favorite. We still had a lot of fun and she did an awesome job!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am almost nine months. This next four weeks needs to speed up!
From the mouth of my preschoolers...when is that baby going to be done in there??!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One Last Hurrah

Dave survived his man hunt and came back with a minor cut on his forehead. My prayers were answered and no pigs were brought home:) He was able to get a jack rabbit and was even brave (or not thinking) enough to try a little bite. All in all he said it was a good time and he can't wait to go again...(we shall see)!
 Marshall and Spencer were the troopers who went with him.
 The proud kill
 The feast

After Dave had his weekend of freedom before the life of parenthood sets in we went on one last little trip. We went to a small town called Silver City, New Mexico. Dave splurged from a hotel better than Super 8 so I was on cloud nine! We went to a good Mexican restaurant and enjoyed exploring the town.We had planned to go to this place called the Catwalk in the Gila Valley National Forest. It was a longer drive than expected with no available bathrooms.I had never been so happy to see a port-a-potty. It was a decent little hike on the perfect day. The weather was cooler and most of the trail was shaded. Round trip took us about 4 hours due to the many pit stops we had to take. It was well worth the trip though!
Dave was wearing a camelpac. I leaned into it and this was the result. It took forever to dry and Dave just couldn't get enough laughs from it. Hopefully these types of accidents won't be a reality in the upcoming months.
I know I am a fashion statement with my support hose and capris.

We had a really nice weekend and I survived the the car ride with minimal back complaints and not too many bathroom breaks.
Dave has been busy fulfilling his end of the deal for going hunting. He has been building night stands. They are starting to come together nicely.  I will be so happy to get rid of our walmart white plastic ones from my freshman year in the dorms!
As for me I am coming to an end of my working days. I was hoping they would kick me out sooner, but I keep showing up every morning:) Tomorrow is a field trip to the zoo. I am going to try to talk my way into being the official lunch box/water cooler watcher on a bench in the shade. I am coming up on 35 weeks! Dave and I are both in panic mode. This little lady will be here before we know it!