Thursday, June 28, 2012

Smash the Cake

Addison got to have a special first birthday photo shoot. She was an absolute doll face and I can't wait to put the picture into a shutterfly book for her. My friend Laura did an amazing job again capturing her personality. Our little lady loves the camera!

Beaver Island

Today Jenny and I took Addison to Beaver Island. It was amazing! I got my first sunburn in two years and Addison had her first sandy bum. She loved the water and hated when I tried to put her in a life jacket. She preferred to sit in the shallow end and eat the seaweed.  Addison learned a new trick...throwing goldfish attracts the seagulls. She still has an odd obsession with birds.We threw rocks and played in the sand for the afternoon. It was perfect weather and we hope to go back soon!

Fun Times

After Addi's birthday party Dave planned a date to go see Damn Yankees. It was at a local opera house and a friend from church was in it. It turned out to have some pretty awesome dance moves in it:) We all enjoyed it and Addison had a good time with her friend Will. Grammie left to go home to get ready for her out west trip.

Aunt Jenny was able to stay for another week before heading down to Dallas to help Katie unpack. While she was here we were able to fit in some fun things. We went to the Buffalo Zoo and got out membership. This should keep Addi and I busy while Dave is in school! It was really hot that day so we didn't last very long. We went and got Addi her first pair or big girl shoes! Apparently I had shoes for her that were 2 sizes too small. Needless to say she is much happier and is walking all over the place! We went out to dinner a few times and Dave was nice enough to send us on a chick flic movie night. The theater that we went to was in the complete ghetto! I had to send Jenny out to tell the manager that the loud kids were ruining my moment in the movie! We enjoyed a few days of sitting in our pajamas and not doing much at all. 

We had our first experience of trying to balance a second "child". We watched Harley while Jenny went to Dallas. Addison had a little bit of a hard time sharing her mom lap space at first. She soon discovered that Harley would help her eat her dinner and share her binky at night. After trying to chase him up and down the stairs over and over we had to put a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. We had one too many tumbles down that week! 

After Jenny left we dropped Addison off at her bff Will's and went on a date. We got to go to dinner and a movie! Wahoo! That hasn't happened since before Addison was born. We went to a nice steakhouse with a groupon and saw, Brave.  It was a great night and I think Addison might have enjoyed her self as well:) She got to unroll almost an entire roll of toilet paper...her favorite thing besides pulling out all the tupperware.  Saturday we watched Will so his parent's could go on a bike ride and Dave helped a new family move in. Some of Dave's priests are moving so he had a pizza and game night for them. I went out to a girl's dinner and frozen yogurt with Addison. She is a hard person to share frozen yogurt with! She LOVED it!  

Addison got a sand table for the back yard. She might have a future in digging. She is a pro at filling her shovel and then launching it across the yard. We are working on keeping it in the table. Addison has taken to  "roaring" all the time. I am not even really sure how you really describe it. She does it a lot and does it loud. She is breaking in her other top tooth and has been kinda sad this past week as well. Taking long naps and going to bed earlier. Even on her worst day she is still pretty cute!

Addison has really been into "helping" me lately around the house. She likes to help with the swiffer dusting and does a pretty good job at it too! She screeches until I give her the sponge after wiping off her highchair. She has almost gotten down wiping her face with a paper towel too! She did her first round of watercolor painting. She was a little hesitant at first and then starting to paint her upper lip and cheek. Her masterpiece is proudly hanging on the fridge!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lots of Pictures...

Addison had her big 1 year checkup. She is doing great and is continuing to outsmart all of us. Every drawer has a child lock and she still manages to make trouble:) She got big girl shots in her arms and was very very sad that day. She did a lot of cuddling and got her binky all day. Her wheely bug ride on toy arrived from Grammie and Papa. She LOVES it! She likes to pull it by the tail around and around. She is working on her tiger noise and it getting pretty good. Addison still enjoys her wagon. When she learns to talk I am pretty confident that it will become a daily request. When she stands at the back door knocking on the window and pointing I pretend that I don't know what she wants:) We have been swimming a lot! We went over to a friend's big pool and she is a little fish. Her little pink pool has become a weekly activity. She still climbs in and out over and over. The water was freezing, but warmed up pretty fast. I am working pretty hard on getting rid of my farmer's tan as well.  Addison is currently scared of the vacuum. It is one way to get her walking pretty fast! Aunt Jenny has officially moved to Pittsburgh! She came up for the week and we picked her up wearing a special "Harley" shirt. Addison wasn't too sure about him in the beginning. However, now I think that we might have a little bit of a problem saying goodbye to him. She tries to chase him and follow him up the stairs all day. She is perfecting her "Woof"!