Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Addition Continued...

We headed to sunny California for a Michael family reunion. Addison was a champ for the most part on her first road trip at five weeks. She took her first bottle and didn't even put up a fuss. We stopped about halfway in Phoenix to fulfill a ginormous craving that I had during my whole pregnancy.  
 Jersey Mikes!! It was delicious. I ordered a whole 24 inches. Dave could hardly believe that I was capable of out eating him.
 We made our first stop in Chino Hills at Paul and Jenny's house. We had a nice day with them and Addison had her first meeting with Harley. He loved sniffing and getting excited around her! 
We furthered our drive to Beullton where Dave's parents were staying. 
It was so nice to be able to introduce Addison to everyone (except Makel who was working in Tennessee). We had a full house in the RV park, but enjoyed being together and having Addison be spoiled by hugs and kisses. We went to the beach even though it was windy and too cold to get in the water. We did a tiny hike to a pretty waterfall and walked around a wharf in Santa Barbra. We did a little shopping along Santa Barbra and visited a dutch town called Solvang. They had a delicious chocolate shop that I could eat at everyday. 
 Gunner was the only brave one enough to get in the water. He found a few treasures in the water and sported a new style of bathing suit :) 

We all headed down to LA to go to Knotts Berry Farm for the next few days. It was a stressful drive to say the least. Traffic was terrible and sweet car got a makeover. I was so sad, but my dad and his friend have been able to fix it.  It looks brand spanking new and I get it back in a few weeks! I have pretty New York license plates waiting to be put on it. We weren't sure how the car would drive so we had to leave a day early to make sure we had enough time to get Dave back for work. We of course made a little stop at Jersey Mikes on the way home and found some nice outlet malls. 
My sad car!
 Cousins Emree & Gunner. Gunner was so good at holding Addison and playing with her. 
 Aunt Paige & Uncle Chris
 Uncle Spencer & Aunt Rainee
 Grandma & Grandpa Michael who snuck Addison into bed one early morning in the hotel and I thought we had lost her!
Uncle Jared, Aunt Tara and soon to be girl cousin!
 Enjoying her first amusement park.
 Addison had a GIANT problem during lunch. It fell out of her diaper all over the chair and floor. Poor little lady was pretty upset.
Addison loved meeting everyone and hopes to be able to see them again this holiday season.

We got back from our 10 day trip to California and had to get cracking on the packing situation. My super woman mom flew back down to save us. She helped us pack and she packed well! She was in charge of the breakables and I am happy to report that nothing was damaged during this move! We drove ourselves crazy being trapped in mazes of boxes. Dave and I managed to sneak away on a date and leave Addison home with Grandma. Dave's parents were also nice enough to join the event. They helped with the final packing as my mom and Addison and I left to fly to Cincinnati. They drove my car and Dave followed with the huge truck to meet us. They were able to stop in Gatlinburg to see Makel and go zip lining. 
  Addison survived her first plane ride. It was a long long flying day lasting about 10 hours. Her crying was minimal, but being in a small airplane can make that scream really loud!

The next event was Addison's baby blessing. It will have to wait. Addison is sitting naked crying at me to feed her!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Alive & Well

The Michael family is alive! It has been a whirlwind 10 weeks and we are finally catching our breath. Having a baby has brought us a lot of visitors and traveling. I am going to try and recap what the heck we have been doing.

* My parents were the first to visit. We loved having them around. Meals were fixed, laundry was done and folded and Addison was kissed and rocked around the clock.
Addison did a lot of this. She loves her swing and looks so stinking cute in it!
 She was not very fond of her first bath. It took almost 6 weeks for her umbilical cord to fall off. She loves her baths now that she can be in the water and kick around. 
 Our first outing was dinner at Olive Garden. I was sadly still really nausea and not feeling well, but it was nice to get out.
Addison of course really enjoyed her first outing. Slept like a gem!
Dave was able to get almost 2 weeks off of work. It was really nice to have him around during the night.Although Dave somehow managed to sleep through all the crying and feedings:)
I have to note that Addison lived in the closet for 6 weeks. She enjoyed her room and it was a perfect fit!

*Grandma Michael came the day after my parents left.
Things started to feel a little more normal and we were able to show Sharon Ruidoso. 
We were able to capture some almost smiles a few times. Now she is a smiling machine! It doesn't take much to get her to give you a full face grin. 
* After Grandma Sharon left Dave flew to Buffalo to find us a place to live. I was terrified to be left all alone with Addison. Luckily I had great friends who checked in on me and invited me over for meals. We both survived and Dave was successful in finding a nice place for us to live.
*Auntie Katherine came to our rescue next. She loved on Addison's ever growing cheeks and helped the mama catch up on some beauty sleep.
We had a fun fourth of July celebration. It was extremely hot, but we managed a little cookout and made it to the spectacular fireworks show! I don't think Katherine had seen one so amazing until then:)
If you will notice Daddy Dave's leg. Addison has really learned to use her bodily functions. We have since learned to be fast once we hear her blow!

Well that is all the catching up I can handle for now. Too many boxes to unpack and diapers to change! Tonight we get to go to a baseball game for Dave's birthday from my siblings. Nothing better than a baseball hotdog and peanuts to end a tiring week of unpacking!