Sunday, July 28, 2013

8 Months and Counting

I hit the 32 week mark! Eight more weeks and then I will be able to bend over without grunting. This little lady is riding so low I can hardly handle it. I haven't been feeling very good, but I am just going to blame the heat. I don't know what we would do with out AC! Getting dressed is proving to be a challenge and most days we just hang out with the blinds closed. We didn't do much running around this week so I could catch up on some rest. I went to the doctor this week and everything is measuring right on schedule. I was always measured bigger with Addison so it is a relief to be on tract. I am still eating snow cones and banana peppers:) I had a nesting moment this week and pulled all the weeks in the front and back. I regretted it about an hour after I was done! My ankles are starting to swell and I can't wear my ring anymore. I guess we will just live at the pool these last couple of months! Overall, this pregnancy has been good and I feel very grateful to add another little lady into our family!

The Beach

I have loved Dave not having classes this Summer. It gives up an extended weekend and one more day to play...or for Dave to study:) We hadn't been to Beaver Island yet this Summer so we headed on over. It was another unbearably hot day so we thought it would be a good way to cool down. Boy were we wrong! There was no shade and I forgot how overheated I get while pregnant. Plus Addison was acting scared of the water and didn't want to play in the sand. We only stayed for about 45 minutes and then headed back home. It was a sad attempt at going to the beach! Dave did get Addison to go out in the water a little while he carried her.  Play group was held there this past week and it had cooled off to the high 60's so we tried round two. It was a much better experience and we stayed for a few hours. Addison was brave and I took her pretty far out into the water. She shared most of her lunch with the annoying seagulls that were everywhere! Some new families have moved into the ward that have kids her age. She has become a little social butterfly and is happy to have more little friends!  
Addison has become very interested in when this baby Avery is going to come out and play. She likes to look at my belly and press my belly button (which I HATE!) in. She will sing songs and read books to my belly. It is pretty much the sweetest thing that I have ever seen. She is going to be a very involved big sister. She likes to look and sit by all the babies where ever we go. We are working on not trying to picking them up! Her favorite activity to do is play babies. She gets out her high chair and feeds them and then burps them. She then rocks them and covers them up in her dolly pack and play. Addison asked the other day how baby Avery was going to come out!?!?! What I am suppose to say to that one! I told her that she would just come out when she was ready. She seemed content with that answer and now repeats that when she is ready Avery will play.When did my child start asking so many big girl questions!!

First and Lasts...

The Muckdog's were having a "Mormon Night" baseball game with a special guest appearance by Vern Law. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates as their pitcher and led them to a world series in the '60's. Dave really wanted to get a ball signed by him so we made the drive. It was an unusually hot evening and I seriously thought I was going to pass out from the heat! We waited in line for an hour to get the ball signed, but it was in the shade so no one cared. This was Addison's first was also her last for a long time! A combination of it being late and really hot she was not having it. The picture of her screaming is a pretty accurate summary of how the evening went. We even tried to bribe her with an overpriced ice cream cone. After Dave and I had been tag teaming chasing Addison around we decided to call it a night half way through the game. We were all grateful that the tickets were cheap and that we can check it off our list of memorable family outings!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Out & About

We are still using our groupon for mini golfing....over a year later. Who knew mini golfing could be so fun! Dave and Jenny made a wager of loser buys frozen yogurt. It was a close match until the end. Dave spared Jenny no mercy and loaded up an almost 7 dollar cup of yogurt! I chased Addison around who didn't get a nap and my feet were killing me by hole 4.

We had Will over so his parents could sneak away to the temple. He will be gone for his birthday so we had a little party for him here. Addison gave him a Cars coloring book and crayons. They played out in the pool and had snow cones. Addison ended up helping Will eat his snow cone and convincing him to push her in the stroller. She has become a little bossy these days! She likes to talk to the life guards at the pool and tell them to retrieve toys for her...little stinker! Addison has started to express her feelings a lot more around here. A funny thing that she has started to say is, "No, Don't look at me!" She has hit middle school attitude a little too early. We just take it one day at a time and the slower I get the faster she seems to go!

We got to go to the Palmyra Pageant last night and it was amazing! Addison sat starry eyed and loved it! We sat by the missionaries and she talked their ears off. We were so far away that she kept saying everyone was a baby. She shouted, "Baby Nephi's up there!" I loved watching how much she enjoyed seeing all the costumes and the play itself. It has been special to go the past two years while we have lived here. We got home and in bed around 1am. It was well worth the trip though! The Smith's treated us to pizza and I am regretting it today. I am a swollen marshmallow today! I can't wear my ring today and I just about had to cut my shoes off after church.  

I was without a car for almost three days this week. My little 99 needs to last just a little bit longer! I am grateful that Dave is handy and was able to fix it himself. Juana was nice enough to take me to my OB appointment clear across town with all her kids and then watch Addison during it. I am lucky to have such good friends here. Addison wakes up late most mornings which has been a huge blessing for me. She wants her hair put in pig tails everyday now. She looks at herself in the mirror and says, "I look so pretty!"...oh boy! She has also become quite the little "mother" in training. All she wants to do is play with her dolls. She rocks them and puts them down for a nap. She tells us all to, "SHHHH be quiet baby sleeping!" Baby has to go everywhere with us too. I bet she will be thrilled come September and when we have our very own baby doll around here! The days are getting hotter and September is coming closer!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

12 Weeks and Counting

We are on the three month downhill stretch! I have kicked myself into high gear and have started "nesting". We have had lots of visitors and been out of town since about the last week of April. Things are quiet now and I am feeling the pressure to get things moving along. I sewed a little animal blanket for Avery...which better be her name now that I got it stitched on a blanket! It turned out pretty cute and Addison is really excited to give it to her(hopefully). I want to cover a few burp cloths and make some small headbands this week. I hope that by writing it on here that it will make me commit a little more! We plan to go the pool this week and teach Addison how to keep her head above water!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday...America!

We just  celebrated the fourth of July yesterday. The weather was terrible and it rained on an off and then was muggy during the afternoon. By evening it had cooled off a little bit and the mosquitoes were out and ready. Dave got us up for an early church pancake breakfast. We ate lots of pancakes and Addison enjoyed running around the gym with her friends. Dave kept telling Addison it was America's birthday. She kept singing happy birthday all day:) We had plans to go on a little hike, but ended up staying inside instead. Dave went airsoft shooting with the scouts and I took Addi to get a happy meal for lunch. She was pretty thrilled that she got her own mini spicy juice of sprite:)  We took some much needed naps and then grilled out a nice feast complete with lemonade slushies. Our friends Kait and Erik had some families over until the fireworks started. The boys played Kan Jam all night and Jenny and I chased Addison around the back yard. We found a little hill away from the crowd where you could see the fireworks and it was perfect! Addison got a glow necklace and bracelet so it was easy to see her running around the field. I made muddy buddies and we had salt water taffy. Addison was terrified of the fire works for the first half. She was clinging to Dave's neck and then slowly migrated from my lap to Jenny's. She kept calling them baby and mommy fireworks depending on the size. It was pretty cute. We got home and all had to shower off our thick bug spray. It was a great fourth of July!  

Welcoming July

Summer is finally here and we are having the most random weather. It rains some days, is blistering hot, cloudy and then perfect cool weather. It is so strange, but we are still trying to stay busy. Jenny has helped to keep Addison busy by sharing Harley. Addison always wants Harley to "sit" on her lap. This entails a sitting sandwich as Jenny calls it. Addison has to sit on Jenny's lap and then scoot Harley closer to her. Addison is going to miss feeding Harley at every meal and going outside with him to potty.

Along with Summer has come some incredibly weird cravings. Snow cones are still the top winner, but a few new ones have been added. I want canned banana peppers on EVERYTHING. It is terribly strange for me because I had never even had one until last week. Dave is getting used to our meal planning revolving around whether or not it is okay to put them on our food. I also have found a love for thin tortilla chips dipped in spicy queso dip. Needless to say I wake up most nights with raging heartburn and end up having to sleep sitting up. It is worth the trade off :) I am starting to swell and I think my ring might be coming off soon. I pained my toenails the other night and I think I crushed poor baby girl. Dave is going to have to step it up here soon!

We took advantage of some nice weather last weekend and took Jenny to Olcott Beach. It is a cute little town that has kiddie rides for a quarter and a fun splash pad. We went last year and Addison wasn't too sure about the rides. This year she rode them all! Her facial expressions could have fooled you about whether or not she was enjoying herself. She sat stone faced and almost mad looking throughout every ride! It was pretty funny because when she would get off she would ask to go again! She even rode a little ferris wheel all by herself. We ate a picnic and then headed over to the splash pad. Addison loved it! I was a little less paranoid letting her wander than when we were at the pool. We topped it off with some ice cream and then headed home.

Jenny has been put to work around here during her stay! I am trying to make a lovie blanket for the little lady and it has proven to be a little challenging. I had a hard time making Addison's and this was no different. After throwing away the first round I found a better stuffed animal and things are looking good. I dropped it off at a place to embroider her name on it. Addison helped Jenny wash her car last week and we only got sprayed with the hose a few times. Addison insisted on wearing her rain boots and then walking Harley. It ended in a very large skinned knee and some big tears! Tonight Dave and I get to escape for a night and Jenny will hold the fort down!