Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Days

I must admit that I do enjoy getting Addison dressed everyday. She has so many cute clothes to chose from it is ridiculous. She is better dressed than Dave and I hands down. It is starting to get cooler here so we have entered the leggings stage. They are so fun!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Tour

I have wanted to post our new home for a while now. I have put it off because it never seems to be picked up when I have a camera around. We it is now or never. I figure I need to remember how we really lived:) Of course our bedroom is left our because the bed is never made and I am always getting ready at the last minute! We really liked our home here. It is a duplex which seems to be what a lot of the housing is around here. It has a ton of nice storage space and is in a good location. We have a little garage...that you have to manually lift up the door. Our back yard is going to be perfect. There is a nice little picnic bench and a built in gad grill. We have used it a ton! Our land lord takes care of the yard work which I love. I do water the plants a few days a week. Hank, our land lord is a very nice guy. I think that I see him more than Dave during the day though. He takes very good care of the place. I still think that our basement is creepy. It is a little smelly, but at least we have a place to shove all of our junk. I can't fail to mention that I LOVE our brown shag carpet:) These are the memories we will remember for the next few years.

 Addison's room!

 I still need to hang up the other curtain 

The guest bedroom/the study

 Upstairs bathroom.

 I can picture myself chasing Addison up these stairs someday:)
 Our kitchen. There is NO counter space or storage so we had to get a pantry.

 Dinning room.

 Family room.

 The basement. It still needs to be organized.
 Laundry room! So grateful to have this! The laundry still never gets done, but I am glad to have it in my home.
Our front door which leads to a joint front entryway and the real front door.

That is our little place! I'll let you know how I feel about it when I am stuck shoveling mounds of snow!

Boston Bound

My parents came up the first weekend in September for a little visit. We showed them some of our favorites in Buffalo. We went to Palmyra and Dave and I were able to go to the temple. It was our first time in almost a year so it was really nice. We toured around the church sites and finished the day in Rochester at a tasty pizza joint. Dave studied on Saturday so I took my parents to a little town called East Aurora. They have quaint old homes there and fun shops to go in. Fisher-Price headquarters are located there. They have a fun toy store that has discounted prices! Addison is already gathering her Christmas pile:) That night we were privileged enough to go to the National Buffalo Wild Wing Festival! It was a lot of fun. You were able to buy tickets and then go around and trade them in for different wings. They had a TON of flavors. Dave and my dad gave up early and went and ate pizza. My favorite were the honey mustard ones. We sat in the stands and watched on the big screen the food eating contests. It was sick! It was an event to remember. Dave had to study...again on Monday. I took my parents to Canada. We took a picnic and enjoyed site seeing. It took us about two hours to get back across the border!!! It was terrible. It was labor day so they were being very thorough to say the least. Dave and I snuck out on a date that evening. I don't mind leaving Addison, but I hate that I think about her the whole time! The next day my parents, Addison and I left for Boston. It was Jonathan's big 30th birthday! I had never been and Dave had of course a lot of studying. We got about two hours on the road and Dave called to tell us we forgot all of Addison's things in her room. WOW! Thank goodness for Sam's Club (yes I still shop there).  It was an amazing town to tour. We made our way to the beach at Cape Cod. It was beautiful! Addison and Ella had a great time together again of course. Ella is the best biggest cousin! 
 Uncle Jonathan meeting his favorite niece
 Don't zip my chin!
 Papa has the magic touch.
 Happy cousins. Addison is doing so well sharing her toys.
 Pizza birthday lunch.
 Amazing mexican style dinner.

We had a fabulous week with family. We are so lucky to be close to family now!