Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis the Season

Addison is gearing up for the big arrival of Santa! She has been so happy lately (probably in hopes of getting gifts)! She mostly enjoyed eating her tutu and pulling her bow off, but she still look absolutely adorable! 

Dave finished finals with flying colors! I am so proud of Dave and all his countless hours of studying and hard work. One down 6 more to go! Let the holidays begin!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

My First Christmas

Cute face, puffy hair bow, holiday shirt and TIGHT LEOPARD PANTS equals an adorable baby!! I think Santa will be making a stop at our house this year.

So much has gone on this month I feel like I can't keep up with every thing. We have been doing a lot of video chatting with family. I LOVE it. It makes being away bearable. Addison is a show off for the camera and can't wait to see all her favorite aunts, uncles, cousins and both sets of grandparents in person! Dave gets an awesome break and we are taking advantage of it. We will be visiting both families. Dave has had two finals and has passed with flying colors. One more to go on Thursday and we are home free til the next semester! I got a babysitter that night to celebrate:) 

We have been trying to make a few holiday traditions this year. We made spritz cookies and actually plan on giving them away this year (Dave is on lock down from eating the whole batch). We have been listening to Christmas music non stop. We love pandora. I got my fill of wassil (my favorite Christmas drink). We went to a white elephant party and it was a blast. We brought a can of spam and a bag of chocolate coal. They were both a hit...who would have thought! Our relief society had a really nice party with yummy food. Christmas time is almost here and we can't wait!!!!

Pretty Dresses

Addison wore the CUTEST outfit to church today. Dave got her dressed and had a bit of a struggle getting the hat on. Needless to say she couldn't pull this one off! She is so fun to dress up and we love holiday clothes!
She is a hit in nursery. All the little ones like to show off their tricks and try and get her to smile. Too bad all the closeness I think has brought on a permanent cold. Thank goodness for saline drops and nose suctions! Addison has a photography date with this outfit later this week!

Carrots and Sweet Potatoes

We are moving right along with the whole food thing. We are anticipating an orange nose will be in Addison's near future. She has been enjoying carrots and sweet potatoes. She only dry heaved and spit out entire mouth fulls a few times. We are still working on not staining her clothes and all white objects surrounding her. 

Daddy Lovin'

Dave has been on babysitting duty a lot lately. I have been able to do my Christmas shopping solo. Best present ever! I'm sure they do really intelligent things while I am gone.This is usually what I find when I get home 
She loves her dad even when he is distracted with this new smart phone:)

Don't you just love that face!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Special Visitor

Tonight we had a special visitor stop by our house. Addison is the luckiest girl around! She got a private visit from Santa himself! He brought her a fun little sock monkey and a candy cane. She loved him! She smiled and laughed while sitting on his lap. She must have been a very good girl already this year!

Naturally Santa was impressed with our Christmas tree:)

Addison got an early Christmas present and is loving playing with it. It is three wise men set complete with camels and little houses. She piles them all on top her legs and eats them! Glad she is getting into the holiday spirit! 

We went over to Canada this weekend to the festival of lights display. It was really neat. We were disappointed that we couldn't find anywhere to park for a reasonable price so we ended up just driving around. My favorite was all the Disney chararcter ones!

Six Months

Our little baby is SIX months old! I can hardly stand it. She has grown into a little lady over the past few months. She has brought our little family closer together in her short life than we ever were before. She is a blessing in our lives and we learn so much from her everyday. We are grateful that she chose to come and be in our family:)

Here's the List:
Weight: 16 lbs, 12 oz/ 77%
Height- 26"/ 73%
Head- 43 cm/ 75%

She is a healthy growing baby! She got her shots and luckily her strong daddy was there again to help her through it! 

*She is slowly becoming a better sleeper. Only nurses once in the night and maybe help finding a binky
* Still learning to like her rice cereal. She eats it twice a day and sometimes decides she doesn't care for it or having a bib on
* She makes a loud spitting noise and does it ALL the time
* Likes to have a soft blanket by her cheek when she sleeps
*Sleeps on her side now
*Still has the tiniest feet! She is barley fitting into a size 1.
* Almost grown out of her 6 months clothes
*Is learning to jump in her Jenny Jump Up and not just eat it
* Is sitting up more. I put her boppy around her and she can sit there for a while and play
* Likes toys that make lots of loud noises and bad animal sounds:)
* Likes to sit and listen to books or just eat them mostly
*Loves her daddy. She is always looking for him:)
* We can often hear to "talking" to herself in bed or in the middle of the night
* The carseat is no longer a place she wants to be...ever
* Her dirty diapers are turning into big girl messes!...sad
* Takes a nap around 10 and then a little cat nap around 4
* We are still enjoying going to story time at Barnes and Noble on Tuesdays. Addison has made a few boyfriends that all try to pull on her bows.

We are enjoying every day and loving watching her grow up into a unique little lady!

Let the Holidays Begin!

We were lucky enough this year to live close enough to my parents and my brother and his family for Thanksgiving! My parents drove up the Saturday before Thanksgiving and then we all headed to Boston on Wednesday. It was about an 8 hour drive with all the potty break stops (sorry guys!) and terrible traffic. Addison once again was a road warrior champ. She falls asleep the second we pull out of the driveway...wonder where she got that from:) I was sadly sick with a head cold and by the end of the week I think I had passed it onto almost everyone else. It was so fun to finally met cousin Hannah Grace. She is so cute and a very sweet baby! Someday her and Addison with be best buds. Ella is a great big cousin she helped give Addison baths and shared her toys all week. We had an amazing Thanksgiving meal and it was nice to all be together. We were able to go on a double date with Jonathan and Eliza and see some fun parts of Boston. Grandma and Grandpa did a nice job babysitting letting the grand kids break all the rules! We went to the USS Constitution ship which was beautiful. All the wood work was still in really nice condition. What would a Boston trip be without Mike's Pastry Shop treats! Little Hannah was blessed that weekend as well and we were glad we were there for it. Jonathan gave a very special blessing to her. I love that he blessed her to look to the righteous example of his aunts:) Guess I better start acting like one! Ella kept us entertained and on our toes the whole week. I love the age that she is at. I am really looking forward to Christmas! On a side note it was last Thanksgiving that we announced to our families that we were expecting. I can't believe how fast time goes by. I am so grateful this year to have Addison with us and everything that we have learned from her in these short six months. Oh and I am really grateful to have been able to enjoy the smells of Thanksgiving this year:) 

 The road trip warrior!
 Happy to see each other!
 Happy Hannah Grace

 Happy Turkey Day!

 Watching Harry Potter 7.2!
 USS Constitution 

 Our cute little sailor girl.