Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In the World of 2nd Grade...

Well I have started my final leg of student teaching and entered the world of 7 year olds. This is what I know...

  • They like to eat glue,crayons,boogers and pretty much anything they can sneak in their mouth. 
  • Most of them are my same height.
  • I have sang the bunny ears shoes tie song so much that I find myself singing it as I tie my own.
  • They are good little readers.
  • Most of them are missing their front teeth and I am never sure what name they are calling me with all the extra air coming out.
  • Coloring is a treat for them.
  • I have no idea what little creatures they play with at recess, but they all have magical powers. I am not cool enough to participate though!
  • They really like to hug.
  • They say the most outrageous things and can get away with it because they are so cute!
  • Best of all I get sweet homemade notes on my desk in the morning:) I am beginning to like myself as a stick figure!
There is never a dull day! These kids are so fun and I am beginning a unit on Outer Space and will be living in the world of no gravity for the next two weeks! Any activity suggestions are welcome!

Tomorrow is our Halloween party. I will not be able to carry on the tradition of Chubby Bunny for the third year in a row. Dave retired that costume sadly. I will however be an awesome TIGER! I will be sure to get pictures!


oh and p.s. My Boo is coming this weekend and we are going to be partying in Salt Lake!!! Can't wait:)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Vacation is Over...

Well it is time to head back to Idaho and get back to the grind.These past few weeks Dave and I kept ourselves very busy exploring El Paso and what it has to offer. Here are some of the highlights(be prepared for picture overload)...
Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta: We ventured over to New Mexico with our friends for the weekend to attend the fiesta (yes I said fiesta:) I guess I have been living too close to Mexico!). Although we had to get up at 4:30 and ride a yellow school bus (did not think I would ever have to ride one of those again) it was totally worth it. The state held up to its slogan of "The State of Enchantment"!

White Sands National Monument/Camping in Ruidoso: Amazing!!! White Sands was so fun. We packed a picnic and enjoyed seeing miles and miles of complete white! Dave struggled with the fact that sand was going to get in his car:) I had fun and was even willing to impress Dave by rolling down a hill! Go me! are limited because the experience was so good we don't want to remember it! It rained all night and it so windy I thought we were going to blow away. Despite horrible weather we did enjoy building a fire and eating yummy tin foil dinners. 

DO NOT judge the outfit...I allowed Dave to dress me for the occasion. Note the hiking boots. I know I am hardcore.

I really did roll down the hill!
Note the axe in the background...Dave cut his own wood! What a wilderness man. 
Mine actually burnt to a crisp but Dave's was really good!

Other highlights included dinner at PF Changs courtesy of Tara and Jared. Thank you guys! Going to the movies, watching a lot of The Office ( I think that I am addicted now but I will still stay loyal to Greys!), becoming a true El Paso resident by eating at Whataburger (not to bad), playing volleyball, making yummy dinners, finally unpacking the last box, watching Dave make homemade ice cream (what this boy won't do just for a full bowl of ice cream late at night), we purchased our first washer and dryer and most importantly not having to argue over who gets to spread out on the couch cause we now have two!

 Dave's Masterpiece
Best dinner of the trip by far!

This is where Dave was to be found as I was unpacking boxes.
Two years worth of putting pennies and dollars in the famous "couch fund" jar!
No more quarter laundry for us!
No more having to cut at different times on a card table!

Eight weeks and counting left until I move down here!

Monday, October 5, 2009


The title says it all. As many of you know Dave has been camped out here since July in El Paso and living like a bachelor. I was bound and determined during this visit to get our apartment in "working order". Or in other words make it look like a female also lives here:) So every night that Dave has been gone to work I have tackled another room. Day 4 of unpacking and I have realized several things...

  • We have way to much stuff!!! I do NOT know how we shoved all of this stuff in our other apartment.
  • My back hurts from arranging and rearranging 
  • I am never actually alone here at night...I manage to find a legged friend every night that causes me to scream and run after it with my dustbuster.
  • Dave has literally spread all of "his things" everywhere. I can't find an empty shelf or better yet anywhere to put my clothes! (this mostly includes golf clubs and a million bullets for his new gun that he thinks makes him a real man:) We really are happy for him!)
  • Last of all the hanging up part of moving in does not bring out the best of Dave and I:) I think he would have been perfectly happy with all blank walls.
Although I have dreaded the whole process it is finally starting to feel like home down here!