Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sweet News

On January 11th I think that Dave's world was turned upside down as the doctor proudly announced that we were having a baby girl!! He sat in silence for a little bit as I of course smiled and cried. His response to the news was how is he going to emotionally handle two girls?!? Everyone thought it was a boy except for the grandma's so I guess they win the prize!
We have the name Addison June picked out. June was my grandma's name and I absolutely adored her so Addison being born in June is perfect.
The overwhelming reality has set in of preparing for this bundle now that we know it is a girl. Girl clothes and things are just so much fun! I can hardly stand it all and Dave can hardly pay for it:) Our guest bedroom is starting to pile up with lots of frilly girlie things. Aunt Katie,Aunt Eliza and Grandma Fajen are already spoiling her! Even little cousin Ella wrote her a love note:)

I have a few things that I want to make before she gets here. For Christmas I got a gift certificate to take a sewing class. Dave helped me carry in my machine and once we walked in he leaned over and asked me if I still wanted to stay. Everyone had really fancy machines and probably had a good 40 years on me. I stayed and all I can say is that Addison will be forced to love this blanket even if it is crooked and ugly. I came home and Dave was kind enough to unpick my 4 hours of sewing so I can start over fresh. The class is every Tuesday and I do plan on going back and finishing my project, just with better material and more patience. 

Not being able to set up a nursery, because we will be moving about 7 weeks later, is a big bummer. Another lesson in patience, right. We are loving our doctor's appointments. Addison is not shy and is already showing her personality (which is slightly worrying me). She likes to suck on her hands and have her toes right by her mouth and over her head. She would not sit still during the ultrasound and it was amazing to see how much she can move! She has been referred to as a big baby every time so I am hoping it is just an optical illusion on the machine:). The most important thing is that she is healthy and looks pretty happy.

On a really happy note I am really starting to feel her move all the time. Mostly after I eat my mint milanos or cold stones lemon sorbet. The cravings have begun much to my dismay. To help balance the cravings I joined the YMCA and have started to swim 3 days a week. I have always loved swimming and I am really enjoying myself. I need to get a bigger bathing suit so that every time I get out of the water the life guard doesn't have to stare! 
 18 Weeks
A new haircut and 20 weeks. And no that is not a basketball shoved under there as many of my preschools ask me daily.

Catch Up Part 2

Well I need to wrap up 2010 so I can begin all of the upcoming events for 2011! 

Christmas 2010- This year we spent Christmas in Idaho with Dave's family. Dave was lucky enough to score 8 whole days off so we could go and have a nice stay. Before we left Dave had a day off so we exchanged our gifts to each other. I guess we both must have been on the good list this year:)
Dave was not too happy about his stocking stuffers this year. Who wouldn't want new man soap and washcloths to use them!?
 Dave's feet ripped a hole in my favorite green sheets so Santa was kind enough to bring us some new ones...with no holes:)
 The legendary Fajen square egg pan!
My dreams finally came true of my very own snuggie!

Getting ourselves to Idaho this year was a less than desirable experience while being pregnant and a lot of driving and late nights. We had to fly out of Albuquerque which is a painful drive with only about 2 bathroom stops along the way. After long weather delays we finally made it to Salt Lake City and my sister Katie was nice enough to pick us up. Once we got to Dave's house we really had a great time. It was fun to be around the snow and family.

Santa surprised everyone with a snowmobile trip to Yellowstone. It was a fun adventure. It was about 60 miles and took all day. We were dressed for a blizzard and I was grateful for that! The machines were decked out with seat and hand warmers which saved me about the last hour of the trip. Besides having to go to the bathroom a ton, Dave driving to fast and my helmet falling off it was a great trip! 
 That really is me under there!
Dave was a happy boy after this trip. Notice how big his smile was the whole trip:)

We ended the year back in El Paso with a few friends. I was amazed to have made it to midnight. I started to feel better around the beginning of the year and almost can't remember how sick I was for 17 weeks! We can reflect back on 2010 and feel very blessed to be where we are and what we have accomplished. We can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Catch Up

Sometimes I wish I would just stay up to date on my posts! Here is the remainder of 2010 that I am attempting to document...

Summer Events- I would regret not remembering the many camping trips we took this summer. I have really come to enjoy camping and hope we continue to go throughout the years. We went with our friends the Barton's. The trip was filled with great food, games, awesome campfires (one of which I helped build!), blackmailing stories, beautiful scenery and many memories that won't be forgotten. We went to Ruidoso, New Mexico and Cloudcroft, New Mexico.

Delious dutch oven cooking.
The Koerper's joined us in Cloudcroft.
We were lucky enough to hear about a Renaissance Festival in nearby Las Cruces,NM. The Barton's were brave enough to accompany us on this adventure. Needless to say we stuck out like a sore thumb due to our lack of costume for the time period. We ate our fried food and watched a few great performances.
My 24th Birthday- Dave really made my day this year and made me feel really special. He didn't have to work which was a great bonus so we were able to fit a lot in. Once again my wishes were fulfilled with a gift card to DSW! Dave knows how to keep me happy:) The ultimate surprise this year was that Dave had planned a little get together for cake and ice cream. We went out to dinner to Carinos and came home to find our friends waiting! I loved it! Everyone brought my favorite treats and snacks. How lucky am I to have such great friends.
Every year I think Dave has forgotten to get a cake. He never fails!
Jessica, Me, Lexy and April
This made me the happiest girl alive! Dave had the second bedroom closed and told me to close my eyes (I feared a puppy). He had set up my pottery wheel so that I won't splash everywhere. It hangs clear up to the ceiling and he even remembered breathing vents.

Thank you everyone who helped make this day special for me once again:)

Thanksgiving El Paso Style- My loving parents were talked (and begged) into coming to us for Thanksgiving this year. It was so nice to not have to do the turkey yet another year. We squeezed in a lot of fun things while they were here. I was sick most of the time, but it was really nice to have my parent's here to wait on me:)
 We went to a Mexican market on the other side of town. So many yummy treats!
My dad was my hero in the mornings. I simply had to put in a request the night before and was woken up by friendly aromas! I am happy to report that Dave has now filled this position nicely on his days off:)
 Toasting to the "baby"
 This is how I looked and felt most nights!
 Then Dave would rub my feet and I could fake a smile.

 We found a tramway. It was a beautiful view at night.
 Day after Thanksgiving steal. I got a rocker for half off!
Traditional Fajen Family Christmas crepe breakfast managed to sneak in early for me! My dad even made extra and froze them for us to enjoy before we left for Idaho at Christmas.
 We celebrated Dave's acceptance into University of Buffalo! We leave at the end of July to start the next chapter of our lives.
 Of course a little man time was included.
 Up early beginning the Thanksgiving feast.

 The highlight of the trip was announcing the baby and sharing in the excitement. Thanks again Dad & Mom for making the journey to see us. It was a memorable trip and we really appreciated it.

Christmas catch up will have to be in part 2. I have now been blogging for way to long!