Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Addison made her first Christmas "footprint tree". She was NOT a fan of having wet cold paint on her foot. Dave was a good sport to help hold her down and even gave her a bath after. I love how it turned out! Let the festivities begin!

So proud!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Can't Get Enough

Addison is so fun to take pictures of. She loves being with her Daddy Dave. He can get her to smile and she is happy all day. It's a shame she is stuck with me most of the time! I finished a collage on our giant white wall that I have been wanting to fill up. I love it. It makes our family room look complete. Addison got a new giraffe toy and fluffy winter coat. She loves the giraffe and will learn to love the coat. She looks like a light pink marshmallow! She will be thanking the coat fairy once the snow hits!

 This is where she sits while I cook.

 YES she is wearing camo. Dave dressed her. 

A Whole New World

Our little nugget has entered into the world of SOLIDS! We are on day three of rice cereal and still going strong. We had to change feeding positions a few times and do a few dances to get her to open her mouth. Now we have got it down. Our little lady is growing up! We have high hopes this will help bring on sleeping through the night!! 

One Year Older...

I am officially 25. I still can't really wrap my mind around this fact. I remember when all my siblings turned this age and didn't really feel like I would ever get to this point. I was lucky enough to have my special day fall on a Saturday. Dave worked extra hard to get his studying done by Friday so we could have a nice day. I got breakfast in bed...and I got to sleep in! Double wow! Dave hates cooking bacon as in he has never cooked it. It is one of my favorite breakfast items and he managed to include it on the menu! We went to the aquarium later that afternoon. It was so fun! We were both impressed with how much it had to offer. Addison loved the sea lion and reptile show. We had a babysitter for two hours while we went to dinner. Dave likes surprises and I hate them! He told me we were going to some dumpy Chinese place then it was Chuck E Cheese. He pulled a fast one on me took me to the Melting Pot!!! I love fondue. We have it several times a year on special occasions. We had an amazing 4 course meal that Dave actually enjoyed. It was a special treat and I am still dreaming of it all. We picked up Addison and came home and ate some carrot cake. Dave forgot he had gotten a cake until I stepped on it in the back seat:) It was a birthday to remember and I felt very celebrated!

 Thank you for all the phone calls, cards and happy wishes! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5 Months

Our little Addi June is growing up so fast. I was laying in bed last night and thought some day I am really going to miss this stage of our lives. Addison is now 5 months and has such a personality. Everyday is a guessing game. Each week it seems like her eating and sleeping habits change. She is such a strange eater, but she looks healthy so I guess I won't complain. The days of her wearing hair bows I fear is going to end sooner than I would like. She pulls on them so hard they snap right back and she screams! She loves her hands and is learning that she can reach her chubby little feet. She puts her legs straight up in the air and pulls off her socks. She will never have matching socks again. We have lost so many I don't even bother putting them on anymore. She loves her jumper. She is still figuring out that it can make her go up and down. We are still working on teaching her to jump in her "jenny jump up". She likes to swing in it (Dave is the one who does that), but usually ends up just eating it. She hates taking her vitamin drops and we both end up smelling like them when the attempt is over. If you make really loud kissing sounds it makes her smile so big! She likes to listen to you clap and loves the sound of my hair dryer. On the days that Dave is gone I think so spends most of her day arching her back and tipping her head back looking for him. When he walks in the door I love her immediate reaction of, "That's my daddy!" We are still enjoying warmer weather and try and go on as many walks as we can. We have also started going to a baby lap time reading at Barnes and Noble. The lady in charge is awesome. She is a great story teller and somehow manages to entertain about 20 babies. We are looking forward to the holidays when we get to see family and enjoy Addi's first time with us.

Oh on a side note I got called to the nursery. I smiled to Dave and wished him a god luck with Addison as she projectile vomited on the bench and his dress clothes! We love Sundays:)