Saturday, May 24, 2014

Potty Training

We have reentered the stage of potty training Miss Addison. We're on week three and things are pretty much a doozy. This is probably the worst part of parenting. Someday when Addison calls me and tells me she can't potty train her child I want to her know how hard she was!! I'm exhausted every day from fighting her to go. It is slowly getting a little better, but we are still in the struggle phase. We have tried just about every bribe/prize to get her to go and nothing is sticking. Currently we're using tiny Toy Story action figures for every 5 times she goes. We ran out of clothes, underwear and pull ups when we were at Grammie and Papa's. Therefore, we had to get creative and put Addison is a grocery bag! It's a good thing that Addison is cute because this is rough!!

Happy Mother's Day

This year was a great Mother's Day. Dave let me relax when we got home from church by taking the longest nap ever. I didn't have to make dinner or dessert either:) Earlier in the week I got 3 dozen roses delivered to the door from Dave. I about died! I've never gotten that many flowers and they were a pretty spring mix. Addison stole one and put it in a vase and carried it around all week. I love Mother's Day for the fact that I am so blessed to be a mother and have a wonderful mother. I wouldn't be where I am in my young motherhood if it wasn't for my mom. These two little ladies run me ragged and most nights I don't feel like I can do it again the next day. Then Addison tells me I'm beautiful and Avery smiles at me and I realize it's all worth it. Strangers are always telling me to enjoy these days with young ones and that I'll miss it someday. Being in the thick of diapers, night time feedings, potty training, back talk...I forget to take a step back and enjoy the happy moments. Being a mom is what I'm meant to be and I am so grateful I get to stay at home and enjoy this chaos we call motherhood!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

8 Months...

Our Avery Mae just hit the 8 month mark. She has hit a few new mile stones in the past month and I am happy to report she's sleeping a little more! She now has two bottom front teeth that she loves to chew on things with. Baby food seems to only make Avery mad! She starts to spit and turn her head if I come near her with a spoon. She wants to do everything herself  (uh oh!). Her favorites include avocado, banana, peaches, hummus, celery sticks, macaroni and basically anything that isn't baby food. It's an adjustment from the way I fed Addison and we seem to have to hose her down after every meal. Avery will smile at anyone. She draws a lot of attention as she seems to flirt with anyone that will look at her! She is so close to crawling I keep thinking she is going to take off one of these days. Avery is still a quiet baby when it comes to babbling. She has a soft laugh, but a really loud squawk. She likes to squawk when she sees her rice cereal being mixed up. She's the happiest when she's being held and chewing on something. Splashing in the bath is a favorite and she still likes to go in the swing when no one can hold her. When I get in the shower Avery SCREAMS! It makes for a long and loud 5 minutes! Addison still adores her baby sister and loves to be around her. She managed to talk Grammie into putting Avery in her shopping cart. Avery wasn't too sure about it:) 8 months is bringing a little more sleep at night which I couldn't be happier about. I just bough a bathing suit for the summer and I'm sure Avery is going to love the water!   

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wedding Day

We were sitting at dinner one night and Addison started to tell us a story. It went something like this...

Looking at Dave she said, "I saw you marry my mommy from heaven in the temple!"

I looked at her and said, "Well what was I wearing?"

She quickly replied, "A pretty white dress. I was watching you guys with Avery."

This conversation makes Dave and I smile every time we hear her say it. I got out our wedding book and put it on the coffee table. She likes to talk about our wedding day and what she saw a couple times a week and I love it! She is such a busy girl and I'm enjoying carrying on big girl conversations. On the days that we can get her to say a prayer she always prays for me to feel better...sad that the majority of this year I have needed that prayer! Addison turns 3 in a couple weeks and she is bound and determined to get a pink computer?!? Where do these kids come up with this stuff? I guess I better get creative here!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

What Happened To Our Lives?!

I seem to post one of these a year where I say I am so far behind I just need to start fresh. A LOT has happened in the month that I've been absent from the blogging world. I'm going to do my best to remember the highlights and the chaos that has now become our new lives in Ohio!

* We found a house in Miamisburg...the house that we originally wanted (yeah!)
*There is not only a goat in our back yard, but 3 horses, a sheep and now a pig! Addison loves to feed them weeds which she calls "salad"
*Back up a bit and Dave graduated from COT with flying colors. The whirlwind weekend that my parents and I spent in Alabama was really great. It was a mixture of exhaustion, excitement and being just beyond happy to see and be with Dave. Dave toured us around and we got to see a glimpse of what the military life is like. I've never been so proud of Dave as I was when I saw all the hard work that he had put into starting this new career.
* We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! The packers came that day so our celebrating was a little different this time around. We were able to sneak away for dinner thanks to the Smith's for watching Addison for us. I gave Dave a puzzle of one our our wedding pictures and he let me pick out vinyl decals for our new home.
*We said our tearful goodbyes to the Smith's and the Quinn's. Both of them had us over for dinner before we left. Now that we've been gone for a month I appreciate their friendship's even more. Phone call friendships will have to do for now. We're hoping to meet in Kirtland this summer for a little reunion.
*We had movers pack and load us this time around which had its ups and downs. I know where nothing is because it was labeled terribly, but overall I'm grateful that our move was paid for. It's been 4 weeks since we moved in and I would say we are 75% of the way unpacked. The remaining boxes got put in the basement and the garage.
*Avery is eating everything! She loves to eat big girl food vs baby food. She seems to really enjoy avocados and bananas. She sits up like a champ and has go go gadget arms that reach for miles. She scoots backwards to try and sit herself back up. Addison loves to make her laugh when they are both in their high chairs. Avery is learning to clap and we all think it's really funny. She is still a terrible sleeper, but has officially moved full time to her crib. It took about a week of non stop crying, but we had success!
* Dave started working at the base. It's about a 30 min drive and we live really close to the highway so it's not a bad drive. He has been waiting for his security clearance so he is just doing paperwork for the next few weeks.
*The military is proving to be a little confusing for us. We are trying to figure out our insurance and all the Air Force has to offer for us while we are here. Dave comes home each day with more packets and codes to memorize that I don't understand.
* It's official that I really dislike moving and unpacking. I have fell into bed most nights totally worn out from keeping the girl's alive while I try to put some things away. I'm enjoying decorating and have a little spending money to try some new things. We have an extra room next to the kitchen that is a playroom and I LOVE IT. No more toys all around the family room:)
*We celebrated Easter by going to our new ward for the first time. I need to express how difficult it seems to try and find a place in a new ward. I keep telling myself that it will get better and that I've loved each place we've lived. We had a nice dinner with Cassie and Drew the day before Easter. I made my famous ham and Cassie put on an egg hunt. Addison loved all the jelly beans and chocolate. We had leftovers on Easter and did another egg hunt in our back yard (did I mention it's fenced in!!). The bunny brought Avery a baby swing that Addison is a pro at doing under dog to. Addison was thrilled that the bunny brought her a Tinkerbell movie and some new bath toys to share with Avery. It was a quiet day filled with reflecting on our Savior and the true meaning of the Easter season.
*All the stress of the move, Avery not sleeping, a new environment and did I mention Avery not sleeping and I landed myself in the ER with kidney stones. I honestly thought I was in labor it was terrible. I pain lasted for one week and I suffered! I finally passed the stone and it was a big one! Now I'm back to working order and feel a million times better.
* I've taken a break a few times and taken the girl's out exploring a little. We went down to Cincinnati to the butterfly exhibit and Addison loved having the butterflies land on her hand and foot. I signed Addison up for a little tumbling class once a week for an hour. We are slowly trying to figure out a good schedule to keep up busy this Summer. I am getting ready to sign Addison up for swim lessons and a YMCA membership that I'm really happy about!
* We love living closer to family. My mom was able to come help with the girls while I was in pain from the kidney stones. My mom and I were able to sneak away to Time Out For Women and it was just what I needed. I have felt completely lost in parenting Addison and I received some positive vibes and was recharged as a woman and mother.
* Here's to hoping our lives find a level of "normal" and I can stay caught up on documenting our lives...