Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When Dad's in Charge

I ran some errands one day and came home and found Addison in an awesome mess! Anyone who knows Dave knows that he is all about staying clean. Our methods of feeding Addison differ greatly. Later that week Dave got Addison dressed. We love his sense of style!

Valentine's Day 2012

Valentine's Day 2012 was perfect...well almost:) Addison woke up to a pretty heart balloon tied to her high chair. This provided an entire morning of content entertainment. We would have been buying balloons a long time ago if we had known how good the outcome was! I got to sleep in ( happy me!). There was also her very own lady bug pillow pet. She LOVES it! This year was the year of homemade acts of love. I made Dave his favorite oatmeal raisin cookies. I left out the chocolate chips and nuts that I like to throw in. Dave left me little notes all over the house. It was simple and just what I needed. I am always telling him that notes are the real way to my heart. We tried to do our traditional fondue dinner. Lets just say that romantic dinners are on a halt while we have an 8 month old rolling around. Dave had late class that night so Addi and I enjoyed our fresh fruit chocolate fondue. I was sure to have seconds for her! The night before Dave gave me Breaking Dawn! Addison and I had a rough night the day before so it was an I love you mommy gift. We ended the night watching the movie and Dave actually enjoyed it:) 

Happy Valentine's Day 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fajen Family Pictures

I got back some of the pictures we took with the Fajen side this Christmas. It is a good thing we all tolerated over a hundred pictures because with little ones only a few turned out! 

We all survived with minor scratches and wounds. Thanks Patsy for being our loyal photographer!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting Big

Addison has almost outgrown her car seat. I pretty much can't even carry her in it. There was an awesome sale on a big girl seat so we decided to upgrade. I had gone without Dave and the box was HUGE. Just picture me dragging this box while trying to keep Addison from pulling everything off the shelves to the checkout. It isn't quite as much of a struggle to get her in and out as her old one. Out little baby is growing up!!!
Check out those cheeks and neck region! She is our little round meatball.

We have been relativity lucky this winter with mild temperatures. Dave prays for snow everyday and this weekend it came true. It was time for Addison to get her first taste and face plant into the snow. The face plant was an accident, but she loved eating the snow! I think she is in the running for the cutest snow bunny around. I'm sure next winter we will be seeing this little snow angel running around in the snow!

We are slowly trying to convince Addison that big people food is the way to go. She pulls a sour face every time I try to give her anything non baby food. She tolerates a little more each time. However, I don't think that avocados will ever make the list. Bananas are being a favorite and she gobbles rice snacks so fast! She is also learning to not chomp down on that finger that sneaks its way in there too.  She officially has her first tooth! Her bottom front right tooth broke through last week. My dad was starting to tell us we should have moved to West Virginia instead where people with no teeth are accepted. I also was convinced that she wasn't born with any teeth either. She proved us all wrong! She has been a little bit fussier and not taking good naps, but we will pull through this!
 Not thrilled about feeding herself the banana.

We are also working on our mobile skills around here too. Addi isn't crawling yet, but she will manages to get herself in trouble. She will tuck one leg back and lean forward as far as possible and then sit right back up. I guess as long as she gets what she wants in the end we are all happy! Her favorite thing to do is to stand up to her lion toy and bounce up and down.  Pulling all her books off the shelf is also a fun thing to do:)

Look who still loves bath time!

We still dedicate all our spare time to watching Bones. We have squeezed in a few fun game nights and some dining out experiences with friends. 

A Little Bit of Crafty

Addison was given a beautiful hand crafted Christmas present from her Aunt Jenny. It was a labor of love and I am sure she will treasure it one day. Even though the glass broke in mailing it and the post office wasn't kind to my dad with the insurance. Everyone thinks she did an amazing job! She did curse herself and Addison through whole process and reminded me how much she loved us to take on such a project. Thank you again!!! We love it...and you:)

Being on this new budget has changed my mindset when it comes to going out. I like to take Addison out somewhere pretty much everyday. Now that we are paying with cash I have been limiting how much we go out. So I forced myself to make something. I have a thing for owls these days. I drafted up a template and made Addi a little stuffed animal. I only sewed the feet in inside out once and the rest went pretty well. She still can't figure out the giant eyes looking back at her!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Month of Love

I love Valentine's Day! It is a holiday that Dave and I have never really agreed on the amount of energy that should be involved. That is one of the reasons I had a baby:) So that I can make a big fuss over small holidays. We can have festive foods, do crafts, buy books about the occasion, make outfits and hair bows and best of all buy gifts! Even though Addison herself doesn't enjoy all these efforts yet she will look back at the pictures and love it! We made Valentine's day decorations and Addison still doesn't like paint on her. Wonder who she got that from....! I made festive muddy buddys which we have almost knocked out. Addison and I sent out some cute Valentine's to cousins and aunties. We have read cute books about doggies in love and babies who love their mommies. Addison has worn her cardigan with hearts and thrown up her sweet potatoes on her "daddy loves me" shirt. Oh and we have made a little time for her to flirt with her buddy Will. What could be better than this!