Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Festivities

I love fall and everything that goes along with it. We have been spending our weekends enjoying the last bit of nice weather and getting into the spirit of Halloween. We went to Shaw Farm to pick out our family pumpkin and my mom was able to go with us. I've been going to this farm for years! I loved taking Dave and the girls there. We went on a hayride and enjoyed running around the farm. For playgroup I set up a private hayride to a pumpkin patch. It was the bumpiest hayride I've ever been on! Addison won't let go of my leg and Avery held on for dear life. The hayride ended with a giant pumpkin cookie that Avery was on cloud nine with. We went to a Halloween fun night at Kroger this week that was fantastic. They had a bunch of different stations and activities at one. Last night was our ward's trunk or treat night. Dave had to work at the last minute, but the girls and I had a good time. Avery ate more food than all of us combined. I'm not sure where she puts it all! Addison was dressed up as a flight attendant and Avery was a cute little pumpkin princess. We can't wait to go trick or treating this weekend! Addison is working really hard on saying, "Trick or Treat and Thank you!" My parents came up for dinner tonight and we carved pumpkins. It was a lot of fun and Addison requested a princess tower. Daddy did a great job!

For playgroup another mom and I put together a fun Halloween party for the kids. I read a scary story and sang some songs. We made spider peanut butter and jellies and had candy corn fruit cups. Addison chose to wear a tiger tail and ears this time. Addison and Avery got a very fun Halloween package in the mail from Grandma Michael. They loved the light up star wands and of course the cotton candy. The actual day of Halloween we met some friends for lunch at chick fila and then went over to a friends for dinner and trick or treating. It was freezing and raining on and off all night. We went out for about 30 minutes and came home frozen. Avery stayed back and played with the other little kids her age:) Addison has decided that whoopers are her favorite candy these days. We had a great month of October and getting into the holiday spirit!

Disney On Ice

I had to step up my game as a Mom around here! Addison LOVES to go to Field and Stream with her dad. So much that she talks about it to everyone. I'll pick her up from nursery and her teacher will tell me that she talked and talked about her favorite store to go to which is, Field and Stream! What is happening to my sweet little princess?! Dave took Addison to go set up some things for hunting this season and they came home both decked out in camo. Addison now wants to wear it all the time. I finally hid it in the top drawer where she can't be reminded of it! I saw a billboard that Disney on Ice was coming to the Nutter Center. It was the princess and heros version and it ended with an entire Frozen act. I bought tickets and waited to surprise Addi till the morning of. My mom came up and we all went together. Addi got to pick out a new Elsa dress...which she now has worn 3 days in a row. My mission was accomplished with trying to take out the camo :) 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Family Photos 2014

We got some updated family photos taken the day before I broke my foot. I found a lady in the area to take them and I think they turned out okay. It was extremely hot and the girls weren't very happy about that. Dave's back was drenched in sweat by the end so we had to stop for ice cream:)  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Puerto Rico Michael Style

We had the opportunity to go to Puerto Rico with Dave's entire family last week. It was a fun filled week of being able to spend time with everyone. Some of the family hadn't met Avery yet so it was a much needed reunion. Going with a bum foot was a little bit of a downer on the trip, but I was able to have a nice time. Dave rented a wheel chair for me one day so I was able to tour around Old San Juan. The weather was really warm and humid and not being able to get in the water was a bummer. Dave was able to take the girls on a hike to through the rain forest and Addison walked the whole way. There was a lot of giggling and running around with cousins at the hotel. One night the older girl cousins got to have a sleepover in our room. I hope these girls become best friends some day. I was able to go on a bioluminescent bay boat tour. It was amazing! When you put something in the water it turns florescent blue. It was a trip to remember and we cant wait to do it again!