Monday, April 19, 2010

A Lot of Happys...

Dave and I have had a lot of things to be happy about these past couple of weeks. 

Happy Anniversary! 
We turned 3! That is right we made it to the big 3 years!
We both had to work so the celebrating was put to a minimum. Dave gave me beautiful roses and I gave him a lamp...haha he doesn't appreciate it yet, but when he is the last one in the bed and has to turn off the light he can just lean over and hit the lamp! I was really just thinking of him:) Looking back over these past few years I can't believe how our lives have changed. We are both so grateful for each other (Dave is sitting by me not paying attention, but I am pretty sure I think I heard him say that at least once)

Happy Graduation!
Dave pulled enough all nighters to pass all of his classes and officially joined the ranks of being a college graduate! I am very proud of him. He has worked very hard this semester and now we are headed to the next chapter of our lives!

Happy Vacation!
 The next day we headed to Idaho for a much needed break! My good friend Andrea was getting married and my parents were flying into town as well so it seemed like a good time to escape. Don't worry somehow Sam's managed to still be productive without me there:)

We stopped in Salt Lake to eat dinner with Jeremy. 
We went and saw Clash of the Titans with the family. Dave got his full does of man from this movie!
Katie was even able to come up from Provo to spend time with us as well:)
We celebrated Dave's graduation by going to Carino's and Dave's mom was able to meet up there as well.

Happy Wedding!
Don't worry Dave's eyes are open.
Daddy's little girls:)
They gave up on the wedding festivities.
At the reception we saw Mindy and Wyatt!
We played up in Ashton. Dave is always so happy about documenting our trips!
Yes, an Ashton visit would not be complete without some gun shots.
We drove a lot running around trying to spend time with both of our families. Notice the SNOW in the background. I almost forgot what it looked like:)
We got to stop and say hi to the Galer's and finally got to meet the newest addition to the family David (they share the same middle name too!). Aren't they cute...It must me a David thing:)

Life is good and we are happy! Oh and we are really happy that we have time to watch 24 again now that Dave is done with school!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today was a day that I do not want to remember. Since I use this blog as a journal I just need to tell myself that I need to get thicker skin. In a nutshell I dealt with a rude customer at work today. I am so glad I can come home to my safe apartment and get away from the crazy people of El Paso!!!!  I am so happy to be leaving for a vacation soon! Even though Idaho got a ton of snow today. On the positive side I went to the gym today...go me! Hopefully that will be a continuous outing for me:)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Did You Find Everything Okay?

That is my new phrase.Dave told me I had to get out of the apartment and get a job! I am now a Sam's Club Associate. Bright blue vest and name tag folks. I am cashiering and it is hard work! If they don't fire me for working too slow I am going to have killer arms from lifting the water cases and dog food bags. I even was put on door greeter this week...I have reached a new level in my life:) They only downside to this job is that I now don't enjoy the smell of a Sam's Club hot dog anymore. They used to be a treat in my family, but now having to smell it all day makes me sick!
Don't worry this is not a career move for me, but a way to make some extra spending cash. I will say that the highlight of my day was when I heard over the announcements, "Emily, clean up on isle 24." A giant chicken grease spill just for me to clean up! We will see how long I can handle all of this special treatment:)  

Meanwhile, Dave has been studying and writing papers like crazy! He doesn't even notice I'm a working woman because he is always at the computer.
Only one more week to go!

No projects underway. Once I get the hang of this working thing and can balance my time better I have a few things I want to do. We leave for Idaho next Thursday and I can't wait!
Happy Easter to everyone! We will be spending a day with our friend's the Andersen's. I think the Easter Bunny might even have an egg or two for Dave to find:)