Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sunny Days...Finally

We have had a few warm days and we have taken full advantage of them! Besides the day I laid on the couch (thinking I was going to die) we have been outside. Addison's naps have been shorter this week I think from anticipation of going back outside. That makes me a little nervous for this summer! We have chalked almost the whole driveway and taken a lot of wagon rides. Today it was in the 70's and Addison was begging for her pool. The sun went away, but she hung in there and even enjoyed sliding down her slide into the pool. BRING ON SUMMER, minus the swelling and large figure;) 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One Down Two To Go!

I am just about to start my second trimester! I am starting to not have as many sick days as before. I have been able to take Addison out a few times a week to play. We managed to go to the Aquarium last week and the Zoo this week. She has had a few play dates that she was very happy about too. More of our CRNA friends are moving. We are sad to see so many good friends move! They are also in the Air Force and got stationed in Dayton. I am slightly jealous! We went out for wings last night to say goodbye. Addison has gotten into the Easter loot a few too many times. We have caught her red handed trying to eat jelly beans for breakfast! What a busy girl! Her lasted phrase is, " I need this!" She is starting to show just how she likes her things to be...wonder where she got that one from!


I am finally sitting down and catching up on everything that we did when I was out of order:)

Ground Hogs Day
 My family had a crazy idea to go celebrate Ground Hogs day in Punxsutawney, PA. We met everyone in the small town and we had to bundle up because it was FREEZING! We did some touring around and then went to the hotel. We got pizza and watched Ground Hogs Day to get in the spirit of things. We had announced to my family that I was pregnant since I wasn't going to be able to hide not feeling well. Everyone but my mom the little kids and I got up at 3am to catch the bus to Gobbler's Knob to see Phil. They froze, but Dave said it was something to check off his bucket list:) We ended the weekend by going back to Jenny's for the Super Bowl and a lot of naps! It was a short but fun weekend for everyone.

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day this year is one that I think Dave and I would like to forget:) I threw up most of the day and into the evening. We tried doing our traditional fondue dinner, but it only lasted about 5 minutes due to the smells. I was in bed before Addison and snoring away while Dave ate his dessert alone. I did manage to give Dave the movie Pitch Perfect which he was pretty excited about. My collection of Harry Potter movies is finally compete and I got a new big cooking pan! Addison didn't know the difference though. Cupid brought her a green...(what other color would she want!) jumping horse. It has proven to be an amazing toy while I sat on the couch and she jumped her heart out! Both Grandmas sent fun packages and she enjoyed the extra treats. Next year will hopefully be filled with a little more love:)

Aunty Visit
Jenny came for her Spring Break this year. She paid her entrance fee of a giant Jersey Mikes #11:) We caught up on a lot of episodes of PLL and enjoyed every minute of it. We did manage to get out one day and go to Rochester to the children's museum. Addison LOVED it to say the least. She ran around for almost 3 hours straight. Her favorite was the Wegman's Grocery Store. They had a Sesame Street room and that was a big hit as well. It was a good choice to get out! We mostly stayed home, but Addison enjoyed having her Har Har here. She got Jenny to put his leash on and she walked him around the house much to his dismay! He was a good sport!

Addison has been dying to get outside. We have bundled up a few time and headed outside with her stroller. She likes to pick up sticks along the way so we don't get very far before her face is frozen. We have had her friend Will over a couple times now that I am back to functioning a little more. They love being with each other! I think that is all that I missed. We are sitting inside today while it pours rain. We want Spring!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a great Easter weekend! Dave got Thursday and Friday off and spent most of it studying, but we enjoyed him home anyway. Friday Dave worked on my car all day and hopefully fixed whatever was leaking all over the driveway. Addison worked along side her dad with some little toy tools and her play car. Her hands were freezing and her face bright red when they came inside. I can't wait for warmer weather that was the happiest Addison has been in a long time! We squeezed in dying some eggs that night before bed. Most of the dye ended up on Addison's hands and face! Saturday was the ward egg hunt. The primary was in charge so I went early to set up. That was the earliest I have been ready and out the door since the new year. It was a little bit of a struggle, but I managed to get through the day. We had doughnuts, muffins and juice for everyone after the egg hunt. There was a great turnout and no snow so we got really lucky! Addison did a lot better at this egg hunt and knew what to do. We came home and passed out while Dave went to a guy movie with some buddies. It was a sunny afternoon so Dave washed the cars and I cleaned for the first time in a long time:) We ended the day by getting milk shakes at a local diner. When we got in the car Addison shouted, "Ice Cream!" We have made a few ice cream runs lately and I think developed a bad habit for Addison! Easter morning we got Addison up and handed her a bucket to go look for her eggs. She was pretty cute when she would find one she would say, "Looky here!" She found a giant coloring book and her very own froggy umbrella. Her favorite was the Minnie Mouse chapstick that the Easter Bunny thought was a good idea (2 of them are already in the trash!). Grandma and Grandpa Michael sent new playdough and some fun books. Grammie and Papa sent some new books, a Peter Rabbit movie that she loved, a pretty spring church coat and some reese m&ms that Dave ate in one sitting. Addison wore a pretty smocked blue dress that her Aunties and I wore when we were young. We had the Quinn's over for an Easter feast that was absolutely delicious. Juana make a carrot cake that I am still dreaming about! We are blessed this Easter as we reflect on the sacrifice that our Savior made on our behalf. When we were telling Addison the story of the resurrection she started to cry when we said Jesus died. When we showed her a short video of Jesus resurrected she was happy again:) We feel very blessed to be together this year as a family and even more excited that next year we will have a new little one!