Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Completed!

We braved the long drive to Utah and had a fantastic trip!
 We left at 5am ...forgot important items...drove back and then restarted our trip which caused this face. Dave was so hyped on energy drinks he managed to look like this the whole drive.

After a few naps and some snacks I was able to be happy:)
We made a few fun stops.
Even managed to get a tour from Sister Moseng! Dave asked her all the impossible questions and she held up pretty well.
We did a session in the Salt Lake Temple which was a first for both of us and really enjoyed it.

Then the real trip began...
Beautiful and still freezing Bear Lake!
We talked my mom into taking us to the famous RiverDale Hotsprings in Preston. Somehow growing up it was a lot cooler, but still fun.
Dave couldn't crack a happy face until later in the week when the boat arrived.
A Bear Lake stay is not official until we have been to the Pickleville Playhouse. Hands down the best plays ever! I even think I saw Dave singing along once or twice:)

We enjoyed days soaking in the sun, evenings roasting hot dogs around a camp fire, playing games and spending time with our families.
Dave's siblings were able to come from Idaho and Utah to spend time with us.

Always love spending time with family...when will I grow up and take a normal picture:)
Apparently I missed the memo that you are still suppose to get ready even when you are at the lake:)
Dave played man of the house and mowed the lawn for us.

Our week went by way to fast and we were sad to leave, but look forward to Bear Lake 2011!

We stopped in Moab to see Makel. Trying to get these two to get a picture was a little rough!!

We got back at 4 in the morning and reality set right back in. Dave worked the next few days and then we spoke in sacrament meeting. We both and by that I mean I survived...Dave was a natural of course. 

The best news of all was that Dave passed the GRE with flying colors and can now apply to grad schools. 
Dave's big birthday is this week and I am so excited to celebrate with him:)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Lovin...

We have had a fabulous past few weeks!
  • We were able to enjoy some fireworks on the fourth with our friends put on by the city. The better show happened afterward though. I am pretty sure they were shot off from Mexico.
  • Our neighbor's had us over for a delicious rib dinner...I am secretly in love with ribs. Dave knows it is a quick way into my heart:)
  • I have been so busy crafting! I love it. It makes me so happy and my neighbor Jessica even decided to join me. I thought it turned out really fun and the best part was that we did it for under $10.
  •  I have had time to finish some really old projects...oh to have time again!
 oh yeah and Dave's diploma came!
  • My dad turns 60 on Saturday!!!!!! I can't even believe it!All of us surprised him by buying plane tickets home for Labor Day weekend. It was a tough secret to keep but well worth the sound in his voice:) 
  • Best news yet this Summer is that we are going to Bear Lake for a whole week! We may be driving but I have stocked up on gummy bears and good books for the 15 hour drive.
  • I also get to be reunited with my pottery wheel. Not sure where we are going to put it, but I am sure it can be squeezed in somewhere...Maybe now Dave & I can act out my favorite scene from the movie Ghost:)  just kidding!
    Hope everyone is having a GREAT Summer too!!