Saturday, February 26, 2011

Busy! Busy! Busy!

I have caught a BUG! The sewing bug that is. I took a class to learn how to use my machine all by myself. I have colored tabs all over reminding me what to do. I love it! I even thread my own bobbin the other night and it was a success. I am finishing up a few projects that I have wanted to do for a long time. Never thought I would say that all I want to do tonight is SEW!

Monday, February 21, 2011

6 Months & Counting...

I am officially 24 weeks! I am starting to feel the bump for sure! It shot up into the 80's out of no where and I was still trying to wear long sleeves and pants to work. I quickly changed my wardrobe to Summer (is it really only February??). I think I am going to die come June. I am pleased to report that I have settled on a more reasonable craving of frosted mini wheats the fruit flavored kind. My feet are starting to swell after running around at work and I had to put my heels to rest and break out the flats. Overall, I am still a happy pregnant lady driving Dave emotional nuts:)

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

This year we lucked out with Dave getting Valentine's Day off of work! I came home from work to find some pretty flowers!
We went out to lunch and enjoyed the beautiful weather! Dave said he still had an errand to run so I took a little nap. Until I was woken up by a phone call with him saying, "This will be really beneficial to our food storage...." I say, "No you are not getting a gun" as I hang up with him still pleading. He comes home and hands me a gift for the baby.

Ok so I admit the outfits are cute and he later added booties that matched. Needless to say about an hour later I was waiting in line buying a rifle on VALENTINE'S DAY! Still not really sure how it all happened and it is safe to say none of the other men buying guns had wives or girl friends there. 

Just so I document this Dave's sudden urge for this toy is that he wants to go shoot a pig. I don't always understand his desires and this one makes the top of the list for sure! We worked out a deal that if he drafts up plans for nightstands and gets started on them he can go. Fair enough right?

I managed to surprise Dave with a few things as well.
Some fancy carhart work pants and a wallet that he has now returned twice!

The night ended with a traditional fondue dinner that we prepared together.

We had a great day of love and as I am going to bed Dave comes running in with a card and a gift card to Barnes and Noble:) I am set with a years supply of chocolate from all of my cute students too!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Liking This...

The maternity jeans have been a success! I can bend over at work and I feel like a free woman! Not so sure why I was fighting it for so long:) 
On a sad note I have lost a toenail due to stumbling around in the night trying to find the bathroom. The things I do already for this baby! Speaking of this baby...I am unbelievably hungry all of the time. It is something that I have never experienced and I think it is starting to scare Dave. Keeping up with him at dinner is no longer a challenge and he is sadly missing my leftovers.I am horribly embarrassed to even state this, but it needs to be known that a recent craving has been Whataburger! I think the place is gross and always judged Dave when he wanted it. Well now the tables sure have turned!

We are at the end of the Air Force application process! After almost two months of Dave filling out information and getting letters of recommendations we can see the light! He had a phone interview with an air force CRNA and today he went to Alamagordo, NM to meet with a nurse. All is well so far and now we just wait to see if he got the scholarship. I am really proud of him and all of his dedication in planning our future.

*If you liked the hunger games trilogy try reading the book, Matched by Ally Condie. It is Fabulous!*

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Time Off

I am going on my 4th day off work tomorrow. I can't believe I am about to say this but, HURRY UP! I would like to have my routine back and make some cash flow here! Too bad Dave has had to work on all my days off and as soon as I do go back he has 7 days off. Such is our life! Anyway, we feel blessed to have not been effected by the harsh weather. We had power, water and lots of heat. This was a motivation to be better prepared in case we need to shower from a bucket:) We now have a very clean apartment and a few projects have been dusted off and finished. Most importantly I have almost made it through all the Harry Potter movies! Tomorrow will be the day I give me and buy jeans with a stretchy panel. This baby is starting to kick harder. After many nights of Dave trying to feel her and being unsuccessful she finally came through and now he knows she is really in there:) Looking forward to her practicing her goal kicks now!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just Because

Dave said they were for Just Because...I think there might have been a small I'm sorry included:) I love them either way! Oh and on a really positive note we got about an inch of snow and they called a snow day! I love it! No school today!!