Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trial Run

For playgroup this week we had an egg hunt for the kids. This was Addison's first go at an egg hunt. I tried to explain to her how it would go and what would be inside the eggs. She was confused and not interested to  say the least! When everyone started running for eggs Addison informed me that she was only looking for the "green ones". Apparently that is her favorite color these days! She thinks everything is green! She ended up with a pretty good sized loot when I showed her that there might be M&Ms(her favorite candy) inside of the eggs. I failed on the picture taking due to losing my camera before it started. We have a ward egg hunt this weekend and daddy Dave will be put on memory making duty:) I love Easter weekend. The Easter Sunday program is always really nice which I am looking forward to. We have a yummy dinner planned that I actually plan on participating in. 3 dozen eggs are patiently waiting in our fridge to dye and the bunny is bringing Addison some pretty fun things!

On a side note I am not 15 weeks! I am stilling feeling sick, but getting a little more energy everyday. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break

For Dave's Spring Break we took it easy and stayed at home a lot...We were all a little stir crazy by the end of the week so Dave wanted to go to the Corning Glass Museum. It was just over 2 hours away. I was a little nervous considering I can barley make it to church ten minutes away. We only had a few emergency pull overs on the way home:) We got there just in time for Addison's nap which was bad planning on our part. We ended up taking turns going to the different presentations that they offered. Both of our favorites was the glass blowing demo. Dave won a vase during his show! We never win anything so I was pretty excited! We had a really nice time and I hope to go back someday to take a class! 

We were excited to find out that Uncle Chris was going to be driving through our neck of the woods for a few days. We told Addison a little too early and every time she heard the door ring she screamed his name...over and over. We treated him to some famous Buffalo Chicken Wings and Dave took him to Niagara  Falls. Mostly Addison just sat on his lap and enjoyed screaming his name!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Living by the Fisher Price head quarters has had its benefits! I finally got all the paperwork completed to put Addison in the product modeling. She has her very own work permit (fancy!). We got a call that they wanted to use her for a shoot. Jenny was in town for her Spring Break so we headed over to East Aurora. They gave her clothes to change into and styled her out of control curls. They walked us into a warehouse and the photographer and another lady did their thing. Addison was very happy to play with the toy and did a pretty good job doing what they asked (minus when she started beating the toy against the floor). I will say that it was probably the most ugly toy I have seen, but still a shot at stardom right! It was a Christmas toy so it won't be out for a while, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that Addison is picked! Aunt Jenny promised Addison M&Ms if she did a good job...we headed to the grocery store straight after. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Someone is pretty excited to be a BIG SISTER come September! This picture would be more accurate if it was me with my face in the toilet bowl. This has been a rough 13 weeks and counting. I am finally having a few days were I don't lay on the couch and run for dear life to the bathroom. Thanks to loving family (Jenny came for a week followed by my mom for 3) I have been able to endure. We had our first ultrasound this past Tuesday and Addison kept telling the lady, "Good Job!" when she would look at the screen. The new addition looks good and it always seems more real once we get a glimpse of what is going on inside there! 

We found out just after we got back from Christmas break. I had a feeling I was pregnant because I had been feeling really tired. Addison and I ran out and bought a Big Sister shirt and put it on for when Dave would get home from school. It took him a little while to notice it, but he was really happy once he caught on:) We went out to Duff's Wings to celebrate the big news. Addison has now put the Big Sister shirt on her doll that she totes around. Aunt Jenny got to go to the first doctor appointment to hear the heart beat and for me to get something for all the nausea and throwing up. 

This pregnancy has already been so different than before I don't really know what to expect day to day! I have been very blessed to have good supportive friends who took Addison for play dates, checked in on me and picked up the slack for me in my calling. Dave has had to put on the hat of Mr. Mom and Graduate Student Dad. I say it has been good for him! I can't seem to help make dinner without loosing it before it's prepared so meals have been on Dave. Jenny made a whole bunch of freezer meals for us which have been a life saver! My mom faithfully had dinner ready by 5:05 so I didn't get sick the whole night. I am learning the secret to surviving is going to be early...really early like 8:30. I have missed a lot of activities that I really like to go to, but am learning to take it slow and allow myself to regain energy. 

We can't wait for this Spring and Summer to fly by and become a family of four!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Grammie & Papa Came

Grammie Fajen has come and gone! She was able to stay for almost three weeks. It was really nice to have an extra set of hands and Addison LOVED having her here. We went to lunch a few times, but mostly played at home. It wasn't good weather until the day she left! Papa came the weekend before Grammie left. He of course also brought a giant number 11 on ice for me as well... it has become his entrance fee:) We went out to a good Mexican restaurant and the boys went to a man movie the first night. Papa brought Addi up some hand sanded wood blocks that she played with and enjoyed all weekend. Juana offered to watch Addi for us so we could all go see the new OZ movie. We got carryout pizza and news from a new place and enjoyed an evening home. 

Dave had midterms and is now on Spring Break! We had plans to go visit the Collette in Chicago, but our plans fell through. We plan on enjoying the slightly warmer weather and spending time as a family. We went to the aquarium today and Addison loved it! She ran around climbing up to the windows and saying, "Oh wow! Look at that!" Yesterday, she had her first roll in the mud with the Quinn kids in the back yard. She liked licking the little bits of snow (gross!) and stomping in her new shoes (double gross!). Dave had a run in with the neighbor's window with a soccer ball:) I told him he better set up a lemonade stand to pay for it this week! We are crossing our fingers that Spring in right around the corner!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Past Few Weeks

I can't seem to keep up right now so I am not going to even attempt to go back and document everything! We have had a pretty quiet month and have been blessed to have a few visitors as well. Aunt Jenny came for a week at the beginning of February and Grammie moved in towards the end. She is still here and we are loving having her around. Addison is on cloud nine and hasn't even noticed that her binky has gone "missing" until nap/bedtime:) 

Addison's major news is that she is finally getting another bottom tooth! This poor child has has rabbit teeth forever! Hopefully it comes in soon followed by the rest. Our good friends the Wheeler's moved this month which we are pretty sad about. We are happy for them to move onto bigger and better things though! Addison lives for birthday parties! Her friend Kalei had a party this past weekend and she practiced the birthday song over and over! She has also been toy testing a gold fish potty for the past few weeks and we are making some progress. We have had a few celebrations that ended in her reward of gummy bears which she pronounces, "gumbi bears!" She has enjoyed helping Grammie in the kitchen and has even learned to put away the silver ware! I am pretty impressed. Her crazy curls can now be tamed into piggy tails. It makes her look so old and it makes me want to cry! She is growing up. It has been snowing a ton so we haven't really gone anywhere, but have enjoyed staying in and playing with toys!