Thursday, May 30, 2013

Big Girl Things

I am feeling nostalgic. The changes in Addison's abilities and maturity(did I really just say that!) since 18 months has been huge. She politely informed me today that she needed a "tail' on her head today. I almost started to tear up! 
She wants her toes painted purple
Hold the ipad to turn on herself or as she says, "MY do it!"
Order a beverage at restaurants
Chooses a meal when we go out to eat (I hate paying for grilled cheeses!)
Follows her Dad around...everywhere
Wants to pick out her own clothes and says, "My needs a bow!"
Chooses to wear the ugliest water shoes everyday from Walmart that were just for the pool:)
Enjoys facetime...a little too much
Finally likes to jump on the trampoline that our neighbors put up
My shoes will forever be spread around the house
Loves chocolate
and lastly...
She took some pretty awesome mug shot pictures at JCpenny this past week for her birthday( Papa asked if  they came in a locket size). She refused to smile and sort of resembled Bozo the clown. 
Good memories. 

Addison is having a little party on Monday her actual birthday. We are having  friends over for snow cones and pool time. Mostly she just wants to sing her favorite song of Happy Birthday to herself! She has made a personal request for a princess party and would like a bicycle. Both requests may or may not be coming true!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Almost 2

Addison is almost 2! I can't believe how fast these past two years have gone. I still feel like it wasn't too long ago that we were adjusting to being new parents and carrying around a tiny baby! Now she is running around (or away from us!) and talking in a few word sentences. I was going through our hard drive and found some pictures that reminded me that Addison will always be my baby girl...even if she does break my back when I carry her:)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

When Daddy's Home....We PLAY!

Dave has had the past two weeks off in between semesters and it has been so incredibly nice! The weather has held up so we have been to get out and do a lot. We ran around the park a few times and Addison is now tall enough to climb around by herself. She loves the slides, but her true passion is still swinging.

 After a few days we got in the car and drove to Chicago to see Tara and Jared before they head to Texas. It was a long drive of just over 9 hours. Addison did pretty good with an unhealthy amount of sugary snacks and watching the same episode of Elmo on the ipad. Unfortunately all of us ended up getting a head cold and Addison had a bad cough the whole time we were there. I am a wuss when I am sick and being pregnant means I can hardly take anything. We made the best of it and had a really good time running around seeing the city. Addison and Halle loved taking baths together, eating by each other, holding hands, chasing each other and fighting over toys:) We ate a lot of yummy Chicago food with the deep dish pizza being our favorite. We stayed up playing card games and even got to sneak away one night to go to dinner down town. The weather was cooler most of the time, but warmed up enough to go to the zoo on our last day. We did a lot of walking and I realized I am not used to that much walking! Mother's Day was the Sunday we were there. Dave and Jared made a nice dinner and we got to skype with Makel as well. Before we left Dave and Addison gave me a new pair of sunglasses and a fancy case. They were perfect and I love that Dave picked them out himself. Even though we got everyone sick before we left and Addison got up at 4:30 a couple of days we had a great time! Addison talked about Halle the whole way home!

We decided to stop in Kirtland, Ohio on our way back home. It was a nice break since my legs were killing me and Addison had had enough driving. I talked Dave out of the one star hotel and we found one with a king bed which made the stay totally worth it! We did the visitors center and church sites the evening after pulling it. The weather was beautiful and everything was really neat to see again. Dave had never been and he gave the sister missionaries a run for their money with questions. That night Addison some how climbed out of the pack and play and made her way over to our bed. Neither of us know how she did this! The next day we headed over the the Kirtland temple and Addison sang, "I love to see the temple" on the way over. She is starting to speak more in sentences and communicate more. I love it! We got to go up to the third floor of the temple which I had never done before. The temple construction was beautiful and there was so much detail it was amazing. We ended by going to the Morley Farm and let Addison run around a but before getting in the car for the rest of the ride back. Addison somehow convinced the senior missionary couple to give her gummi bears on the tour! It was good to get away, but we are all glad to be back in our beds tonight!