Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who Knew...

Dave and I were driving around trying to explore El Paso and came across something that almost brought me to tears!
A Cincinnati street! I was so happy to see a landmark to remind me of home. It was so random and the street was literally only a block long, but it was still there!

One of the only businesses on the street was a bar called Cincinnati! Although it was a bar it still makes me smile. Who knew that all the way down in El Paso I would still be connected to my favorite place!

On a side note here is a list of things that are going on with us:
  • I got a new calling to teach the gospel essentials class. I am terrified, but I think I will learn a lot!
  • I am finally done with all my traveling and am actually trying to get a job...No luck yet, but I am working hard on finding one.
  • Dave passed his ACLS(Acute Critical Life Support) certification to help him get ready to apply for grad schools.
  • We are addicted to the show 24. We are only on season 3 and the thought that there are 8 seasons total makes me crazy!
  • I have enjoyed not having any homework after 8 straight semesters of it! It has given me a chance to catch up on my crafty ideas I have had brewing.
We miss family and friends more than ever it seems like and are very grateful for cells phones and the internet!

OH and p.s. Dave has the next 6 days off!! Nothing is planned, but who doesn't enjoy some quality bonding!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Basketball & Surprises ...

Dave's dad came into town on business and along with him came the BYU basketball team. He was able to get us court side tickets! I had never been to a basketball game or sat so close so it was an awesome night. Despite all of the booing from UTEP we held strong and BYU won!

Don't mind Dave's choice of displaying his manhood and freedom from BYU-I no facial hair rules. 

This past weekend I pulled the ultimate surprise and flew to Houston to see my friend before she left on her mission. She had NO idea so the trip was a success!

We were able to go to the Houston Temple even though she did make me get up at 6:)
It was a great weekend and I enjoyed seeing Houston. Good luck Megan as you serve on Temple Square!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Home for the Holidays...

The day after Christmas I was able to go home for 10 whole days! I realized that I hadn't been home in almost 2 years so I had many Cincinnati favorites to fit in! Here is the trip in replay...

This sweet thing was blessed and I was happy to be able to be there to witness it. She was the most loved one out of the whole trip!
The proud parents!
The very proud grandparents!
Ella's second favorite aunt:)
We played a lot of games. Quality family bonding!
We rode on a little ferry across the Ohio River to a town called Augusta.

We stopped and had a famous Marshmallow Coke. Don't say gross until you have tried it!
The Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights. No, Jonathan is not packing on the holiday pounds that is little Ella in his coat:) 
My ULTIMATE favorite place to eat when home! I am easy to please!
We had a wild New Year's eve party!
The man of the house himself.
Dave was able to get off work an fly in for a few days to meet the little peanut. Needless to say he also fell in love with her!
We went to a little coming out party for Ella. 
Is he really a dad? Never a straight face!
The party girl. Isn't she just so stinking cute!
You can never get enough of her!
For some reason Ella always found the ceiling more exciting.
We went to the Khrone Conservatory. 
  An indoor rain forest! It was very pretty.
A trip would not be complete without Skyline Chili.
We saw Avatar in 3D. Amazing movie and the 3D was pretty fun too!
We had an amazing time going home. It went way to fast, but we were happy to get to spend some time with my family.
Thanks Mom & Dad for a wonderful visit!
I just had to toss this one in here:)