Monday, February 16, 2015


We've made a lot of visits to the doctor this past couple weeks! Poor Avery got a really bad stomach bug and it landed her in the ER. Dave of course was working and I had to scramble to find someone to take Addi. Luckily her babysitter was home and I was able to take her there. We waited a long time and they sent us home 5 hours later with nothing. It was frustrating, but in the end I was glad that it wasn't anything serious. The following week we were back at the doctor with a bad ear infection for Avery. On top of cutting molars Avery can't catch a break. We're pumping a steady steam of motrin for her these days! I found some funny pictures on my phone...Addison got into my makeup during quiet time over Christmas break. It was everywhere and all over her. I was pretty ticked since I had just bought new expensive makeup! She had to clean it all up and it took a while. Addison started sunbeams at the beginning of the year and she loves it! She has to give her first talk in primary this Sunday. It's on her favorite topic of Jesus Christ was resurrected and so will we. We wrote it on a piece of paper for FHE and she practiced for us so she won't be "scared" (that's why she told us she practiced!). I'm so proud of her love for the gospel and primary. Avery got to go into nursery a whole FIVE weeks early!!! She looks like such a big girl sitting on the chairs and eating her little snack. I got called to be the first counselor in the relief society and with Dave in YM is was impossible to contain her. She was a huge distraction so the nursery leader let us put her in early. She didn't even cry! We've been doing a lot of painting and creating over here. Avery likes to still eat the paint and Addison just sits and colors and cuts for hours! Addison came in and stole my bridal pictures from Dave's nightstand and put them on hers. She replaced her photo on Dave's nightstand and loves to sit and stare at the pictures. Addison also is currently in a phase of not wearing any pants. The second we get home she strips down to a short sleeve shirt and the tallest socks she can find. I recently got a curl wand and Addison is fascinated by it. She will grab a pencil and pretend to curl her hair on the hot iron. It makes me laugh watching her and how hard she tries to do it. She also has a large bruise on her head in the pictures. This was before her new stitches. Poor girl doesn't have good luck with her head these days! Avery is becoming a big helper in the kitchen. She likes to pull at my legs until I put her up on the counter so she can get into whatever I'm doing. Most of the ingredients end up in her mouth!  Grammie and Papa came up for Friday pizza and movie night. Someone Addison talked Papa into painting her toenails. Avery was also offered, but she preferred running around crazy instead.  I love living close to my parents and the special times we have been able to create! Here's to make more this year!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love is in the Air

We've had a great time celebrating the month of love! Addison was beyond excited to plan, make and hand out her valentines. She chose bubbles with a tag that says, "You blow me away valentine!" She also helped make Avery's valentines. We started off by going on a little lady nail day with Grammie. It was a Jamberry nail party and Addison picked out rainbow nail art. She got to make a valentine craft, eat a treat and I did her nails. It was a fun outing even though Addison picked her nails off by the next day! The girls enjoyed playing matching games with conversation hearts and painting hearts and doilies. Grammie came down on afternoon and took us to a lady valentine lunch at Olive Garden. Addison had just gone to her preschool valentine party so she showed us all her treats. She shared a heart necklace with Avery and some chocolates with the rest of us. Avery ate her weight in breadsticks and mac and cheese. Addison was too wired from her party to do anything but color! We came home one day from running errands and found out that our door had been "heart attacked" by the sister missionaries. They put scriptures and quotes on the hearts. The girls kept opening the door and squealing when they saw them. It was a very nice surprise and it brightened our day. We went to a playgroup valentine party at the church and enjoyed playing with almost 20 friends. It was complete chaos, but the kids all had a good time. Both girls came home with way too much candy and goodies. Grandma Michael sent her love to the girls with lots of heart shaped toys and treats in a package. Avery especially loved this rubbery bear that lit up when you smacked it. She carried it around growling at it. Valentine's Day landed on a Saturday this year and we lucked out with Dave having Friday off of work. My parents offered to take the girls for us and we couldn't refuse! Dave took the girls down while I grocery shopped for a fancy dinner I was going to make. We had a candle light dinner and exchanged cards and small gifts. We later got a call that Addi had split her head open when she fell on a rock. Poor girl and poor grandparents! Luckily our insurance approved to take Addi to a local urgent care by my parents. She got two stitches and a lot of screaming to go with it. She survived and then had a nice weekend with the grandparents. Dave and I got crazy and went and played laser tag for a couple hours. I had never been and so I did terrible, but Dave was a rockstar and scored well each time. We got up the next morning and went to Panera for breakfast before heading to the temple. We hadn't been to the temple in a while together so it was the perfect way to spend a day surrounded on love. We ended up being able to be a part of a couple in our wards temple sealing. It was the parents of the girl that babysits for us so it was extra special to be there. We made the snowy drive back to my parents where my mom had a delicious steak dinner waiting for us. We brought yummy brownies to share with everyone after dinner. Addison had made us some homemade valentines that were so fancy! We gave the girls some new play dough and M&Ms. I love valentines day. It is a day I remember how blessed I am to have two little girls that I can say I love you to all the time. I have a loving husband who dislikes celebrating any holiday and particularly this one... I forgive him for being a grump about valentines day :) My family and wonderful friends who I cherish and love as well! It's a great day to remember how much we are loved and I love it! Happy Valentines Day!