Monday, January 26, 2015

New Year,New Goals

Well, it's 2015 and I already and behind on blogging! January only has one week left and it has flown by. Dave has had two snow days which has been really fun. I never thought working at a hospital that he would get snow days! Some big changes have been happening in our house and it looks like this year will be busy. Dave got called as the young men's president at the beginning of the month. That has added early morning meetings, firesides, BYC, campouts, presidency meetings, mid week activities and the list goes on! He is handing it like a level headed stress free champ. Even though he is busier we seem to be managing our time as a family better. Friday nights have become pizza, rootbeer, treat and movie night for us. I take the girls to the library on Thursday and we pick out a movie to watch the next night. It has been a lot of fun to having a little family tradition each week even though it is simple. I probably just enjoy paper plates and no cooking! Addison has enjoying taking swim lessons at the YMCA this month as well. They are going so much better than they did this summer. She is learning to trust her teacher and use big arms to move around the pool. Avery is going into the nursery at the YMCA a little better each time. She cries less and less so I have hopes that she'll like it soon. Addison is enjoying her preschool class so much lately. One day she came home and I got a text from one of the moms asking when Addison's Frozen party was??!?! Apparently Addison had planned a Frozen themed party complete with invites, games and blue cupcakes. She told her friends to come to our house and to wear their Elsa dresses. I about died! Luckily the library was having a Frozen party later that week that was a good substitute to throwing together a party. She is very creative and loves to sit and draw, cut, glue and create anything she can get her hands on. Her curly blonde hair is getting so long we had to upgrade to big girl shampoo and conditioner. Miss Avery Mae is still keeping me on my toes. She is starting to sleep in later in the mornings which has me really happy. I'm trying to transition her to one long nap in afternoon and she is struggling with that. She is addicted to her bottle and I'm afraid it's going to be worse than cutting the binky. Her hair is growing in and we have been putting a little poof on top with a tiny bow. It makes her look so grown up. Avery is really into saying, "Hot!" for every piece of food that is put in front of her. I had to startle her one day when I was straightening my hair and I think it became implanted on her brain that everything it HOT. She'll blow on her food forever!! She loves to sit in the kids chair in our family room and flip through a book. The girls have a hard time sharing the space and I have a feeling another one will have to make an appearance later this year. Avery seems to find her new broom from Santa everyday and sweeps under the table before getting stuck:) She is growing out of the baby stage quickly and entering the toddler phase. She is starting to throw tantrums and has territory over certain toys from Addison. The countdown is on until she goes to nursery and I CAN.NOT.WAIT! The most challenging time for me as a mother is between 15-18 months at church!!! There is no hope to go to second or third hour for me. Avery rolls around on the ground crying and there is not much I can do to help her. She wants candy that the old ladies sneak her and that just makes things worse! Avery is finally cutting some teeth and won't have a toothless grin for much longer. The girls keep me happy, busy and mostly worn out! I'm enjoying a little crafting here and there these days. I have a new visiting teaching partner and route which I've really enjoyed. My route has changed a lot that I've had a difficult time making friendships with people. I'm hoping it stays the same for a while. That is how I developed some of my best friends in Buffalo! Addison has been conducting and planning our family home evening lessons lately. She is really stuck on the story of David and Goliath since she gets to throw 5 stones at her dad:) I'm grateful to be a stay and home mom to 2 spunky and  determined little girls. I have high hopes that 2015 with be a great year filled with many milestones as a family!