Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This is what gets me through the week while Dave is gone...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Good Laughs

Tonight at the grocery store my sweet little Addison was cracking me up. She was talking up a storm to just about anyone who would pay attention to her. She is learning so many new words every week. Her new words are bubble, sit, go, turtle, shaking her head for NO!, roaring like a lion, Will (her bff from church), Ella ( she perfected this one just before the reunion), side for outside, and cheese. Whenever I tell her it is time to eat she will say, "sit" and go to her high chair. At the grocery store I picked up some new blueberries. She got really excited and started to say "SIT'. Well, actually when she says this it sounds more like a naughty word. She continued to say it over and over. I was a little embarrassed, but then she started laughing really hard because everyone around was staring. Never a dull moment! On Sunday Addison was able to wear a dress that I wore when I was a little girl. It was really special to see her in it:) 

Family Reunion 2012

We were lucky enough to host a much needed family reunion. It was the fast weekend and I am having a hard time even remembering everything that we did! We started it off by meeting in Palmyra for the pageant. We toured the Scared Grove and a few of the sites around there. Jonathan and Eliza had gotten there earlier and saved really close seats for everyone. The babies all fell asleep and the pageant was better than I remembered. It was a good reminder of the events that lead to the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. Maybe next year Addi will stay awake for the show.

Saturday we all got up and ready while Papa fulfilled his line of duty in the kitchen. We headed over to Canada to see the falls for the day. We walked across this time and it was so much better than driving! We beat huge lines of cars coming and going. We stopped and had a picnic on some benches in the shade. Maid of the Mist was the highlight of the day! Dave and I went last Summer and I don't remember getting nearly as soaked as we did this time. Poor Addi was so confused as to why we were making her wear this blue plastic wrap suit. It was miserably hot waiting in line, but well worth the wait. Somehow Eliza and Papa managed to get some good pictures despite the raging mist soaking everyone! I finally got to stop at the Hershey store on the way out. I got a giant milk chocolate shake that was so rich I think I shared more than I ate. For dinner we had a bbq in the back yard while the cousins played. Addi wasn't so sure about the sprinkler, but I am sure by next Summer she will be a pro. The night ended with some awesome Minute to Win it games! Everyone was a good sport and they were pretty funny to watch.

Sunday morning everyone headed out and we ran to church. We made a lot of good memories and really appreciate everyone taking the time to come so we could all be together. Oh and Addi would want me to mention that she was particularly grateful for the "Woof" coming and playing for the weekend:)

Monday, July 16, 2012


We have had a little bit of a diet soda addiction going on in our household recently. Addison has caught on to the goodness and wants some too. She will get some cans out and line them up on her stool and scoot it around pretending to drink it. I have even caught her getting a few cans out of the garbage:) We are on week three of Dave being away. Addison and I are hanging in there. Thank goodness for good friends and Skype! We have been hitting up the zoo and the pool a lot. Addison is still getting the hang of the pool. She is slowly learning that you can't bring your goldfish into the pool. She spends most of her time sitting in her stroller eating  her fish while I try and turn my legs into some other color besides blinding white. It works out for both of us! Addison is starting to "play" with her toys more. She is growing up so fast I can't even stand it. The other day while I was getting ready she lined up all of her animals and started "talking" to them. I can't wait for her to start imaginative play. Lately Addison has taken to emptying out my diaper bag and finding new treasures. She found a map from the zoo and carried it around reading and talking to it. The best one was when she found an empty drink cup and would NOT let it go. She ended up getting to take it into the bathtub because she was so attached. Dave and I are starting to see how strong Addison's personality is:) She was such an easy baby so we thought she had Dave's personality...I am starting to think as we are entering toddler hood that she has switched to mine. She is a very busy girl who just wants to walk all over the place. She has constant skinned knees and still has a smile on her face about it. We are going through her barbie band-aides a little faster than I thought we would! We have started to bring the quiet book that Grammie Fajen made at Christmas to church. Addison really is enjoying it. If only she could walk up and down the aisles with it and then we would all be happy. We spend a lot of time in the halls chasing her. Addison missed Harley leaving so much that we have made several trips to Petsmart to see the "Woofs". We have had to settle for birds and an ugly dog getting shaved. Good thing everyone is coming back this weekend for a family reunion! We are just busy this week getting things ready for everyone to come. We are  really excited to all be back together after almost 5 years.

I got the redecorating itch. It happens every once in a while. It drives Dave nuts and I can't settle until it is done. I decided to take things that I already had in my basement for the most part. I got a new kitchen rug and curtain for the window. I refinished the bag hanger I had and finally framed some prints I had lying around. I like how it turned it! I am really tired of the color red in my house. I am slowly phasing it out!