Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quick Projects

I had a chance this week to make a few things that I really liked!
 Our Relief Society made these aprons and they were so easy that I was even able to make it. It is made from a dish towel and involved minimal sewing!
"Pie in A Jar"...I wish I had been introduced to this earlier! It was fun, easy and tastes great! I found this idea at Check it out they are great gifts. It was a friend's birthday and she was lucky enough to get one:)
Tie a bow and add a note and there you go!

I am too busy reading Catching Fire to blog about our trip to Carlsbad...soon to come I am just too torn between the Peeta vs Gale love scandal to stop reading!!!!

P.S.- I discovered veggie chips...they are my new favorite snack. Try them you will not be disappointed!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Tomorrow will be the worst day of my working career...Cinco De Mayo. I just wanted to remind myself beforehand that I pretty much live in Mexico and I should embrace this holiday and all the festivities! After closing tonight  all of the "usual" displays were taken down and replaced with all sorts of intoxicating party favors. Let the party begin!!!!

Also I wanted to give a sneak peek into our lives lately...

  • He is an outdoor loving guy who has taken up rock climbing with a new friend and seems to be holding his own on the rocks.
  • He just graduated so he has a lot of "free time" to sleep in I mean study for the GRE:)
  • Just got a new cell phone and was like a little kid on Christmas Eve waiting to go get it.
  • Loves watching 24
  • Dave really likes to vacuum. I am not going to complain about this one. Although it is done seldom he does such a nice job!
  • When I asked him to describe something's he likes to do he wanted me to put in...EATING. haha this is a very important one to him.
  • He is stilling liking his career choice as a Murse and is doing very well passing additional certifications such as PALS.
  • He also can't wait for Iron Man 2 to come out.
  • A list of "Dave" would not be complete without the reminder of how much he loves ice cream. He was sent to get granola bars the other day, but only came home with a gallon of ice cream? Needless to say he was sent back:)
  • Lastly, Dave loves to give his hard working wife foot massages as much as possible!
  • Is busy going to the gym and actually finding it enjoyable.
  • Still is a "Valued Sam's Club Associate"  and getting the hang of things.
  • Loves to read books and is currently enjoying the Hunger Games series.
  • Will sneak in a handful of gummy bears whenever Dave isn't looking:)
  • Is still enjoying teaching Sunday School and is learning a lot.
  • Loves he little niece!
  • Still finds time to make Dave good meals even though I have been working the evening shifts...he is SPOILED!
  • Lastly, loves when Dave has a night off and has the laundry folded and the bed made when I get home!
That is who we are for now... Just a couple of In Love Border-City Living Opposite trying to live together!