Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Photo Dump

Since I've been feeling crumby I can't seem to gather the energy to blog! Here is a summery of the past week through pictures...

When Life Gives You Lemons...

We've had an interesting past couple of weeks. It all started with one last girls night with Juana to my favorite Mexican restaurant. I came home completely overstuffed and went to go to bed. I started having terrible pain in my stomach and knew it was my gall bladder. I moaned through the night until we were able to make arrangements to drop the girls off and go to the ER. I had to drink this awful mixture that made me throw up not once, but twice. Apparently there is no ultrasound machine on the weekends so I had to have a CT scan. Nothing could be seen from it so they sent me home and told me to eat bland. I was able to have an ultrasound and sure enough I have gall stones. I have felt terrible every since! I was able to make an appointment with a surgeon the following week to see what will happen. Going along with unfortunate happenings the car that we were getting ready to go pick up in Utah got sold. Dave was already planning on flying out and we had a plane ticket. We're both really upset and felt cheated. So now we have one car and are on the lookout for another...again. Time was counting down and we had to make the decision that Dave would have to go to Ohio without me. Since we only have one car I had to beg my mom to come up and drive me around to my appointments. It was hard to say goodbye to Dave over a week early before he ships off to training. Dave has started the house hunting process and lets just hope something good happens soon. Although, these past few weeks have been down right rotten things all happen for a reason. If Dave had left me to go to Utah while I was sick I'm not sure what I would've done. Not only am I eating fat free, but every time I eat I feel nauseous. Addison got sick last week and now Avery is sick. I needed Dave's help and if that meant no car I guess I am grateful! To help brighten the mood good old Andrea sent me flowers today! It was so nice and made me feel like I can get through this craziness! Now we just have to see what the surgeons say and make it to April 1st!!!!

Addi's First Boyfriend

Addison is going to miss her first boyfriend Will here soon. They have been having play dates since they were about six months. Will has taught Addi all about the movie, Cars  and she introduced him dress ups and baby dolls. They shout each others names in sacrament meeting and love being in nursery together. They can make each other giggle like no one else! We have had so many good memories with Will and someday we hope to meet up again!!

Valentine's Day

The day of love started off with Dave taking Addi to the doctor. She had gross goop coming out of her eyes that we thought was pink eye. I had to cancel her little valentine party that she was pretty sad about. To make up for it I read her some valentine books and we played a sorting game with candy hearts. Grammie Fajen and Grandma Michael sent fun packages to help celebrate. She enjoyed way too much candy and managed to keep sneaking it throughout the day. Grammie Fajen tucked her very own dollar bill into the card. Addison has been holding onto it until she could spend it with Grammie. Grandma Michael gave the girls matching glittery Minnie Mouse socks that were a big hit. I got the girls each a little bag to celebrate how much we love them. Addi's favorite was the Frozen soundtrack and Avery was pretty happy with her new ball toy. We did our traditional fondue dinner and then Dave took Addi out for frozen yogurt. Addison had perfected her, "Happy Valentine's Day!" by the end of the day and it was pretty cute to hear it over and over:)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Out and About

We were going stir crazy so we decided to go to Explore and More children's play museum one last time. Addison was a maniac running around running from station to station. She of course ended up in the play food area the most. We came here on Addison's first birthday and she could barley walk. We have had a lot of good memories here in WNY.We topped the evening off by getting a sam's club hot dog combo. We're really classy!

5 Months

Avery Mae is about to hit 5 months! Still no sleep going on around here so we decided to try rice cereal. Lets just say Avery is a HUGE fan. She grunts and grabs until the bowl is gone. We're giving it to her morning and night for right now. She has started to go to down for bed a whole lot earlier these days. She gets fussy between 8 and 8:30 and goes down even without me nursing. It's starting to feel a little more normal around here. I'm just trying to work on Avery not wanting to feed every 2 hours throughout the night. With Dave home he's been trying to give her a binky when she wakes up. It has been working a little bit. Lets keep our fingers crossed that she starts giving in. Avery still gives the sweetest smiles and is pretty quiet otherwise. She is obsessed with eating her feet still and always has something in her mouth. I keep thinking that she has got to be teething, but nothing turns up. Tummy time is her least favorite and I'm not so sure that'll every change. Dave has had the job of getting Avery dressed a few times. He came down with her dressed in all jean the other day. It made me laugh really hard! She is getting really good at sitting up and almost has it on her own. I have started to dress the girls in matching outfits. I Love it! Having two girls is proving to be very fun:)

We're Happy

Addison just adores Avery. She wants to hold her seriously every time I turn around! Avery doesn't seem to mind too much either:) We're getting used to having Daddy Dave around and that'll make it harder when he has to leave. I have enjoyed being able to catch a little sleep here and there while he gets up with Addison. Last weekend we got a babysitter and went to the Cheesecake Factory with the Quinn's. It was a really nice evening and probably our last double date with them for a while. We sat and enjoyed ourselves for almost 4 hours. I got a lot of diet cokes and we each got our own cheesecake! Dave and I spoke on Sunday and all went well. I didn't cry too much and Addison and Avery did really well sitting with different families. We went to the Smith's house for dinner afterwards and Addison and Will ran around eating with ice cream cones giggling. Addison is going to miss Will a lot. They play really well together and I'm going to miss being able to just call Kait and stop by or have then over last minute. I keep telling myself that this isn't goodbye to my friends, but just a little change of how we're friends. 
Addison helped me make some valentine's to hand out at playgroup. There was the traditional Cafe Rio lunch followed by decorating sugar cookies. Addison licked gobs of hot pink frosting and ate way too much candy! Avery wasn't happy at the party so I spend most of my time locked in a quiet room getting her to settle down. We got packages ready and mailed to all the cousins and aunts and grandparents this week as well. Addison was pretty excited to mail her special valentine's. We're still doing a lot of running around and cleaning out. We have less than two weeks left here and I'm going to bawl my eyes out when we leave for real in April. My girlfriends are throwing a little goodbye party for me next Friday. I had one last recipe exchange at my house last night.We had fondue and a whole lot of goodies. I have really enjoyed planning this group each month and hope to carry it on in our new area. We went over to the Quinn's for FHE earlier in the week. We brought the game rollick and it's a lot of fun playing with them. The girl team has had a bad loosing streak, but we still have a lot of fun. Tomorrow is valentine's day and we'll do our traditional fondue dinner. I have some fun surprises for the girls. I love holidays and Addison is getting really into them as well!

Moving Up

Dave and I have dealt with less than desirable cars for a while now. The heat in the jeep went out along with the rear windshield wiper motor. This winter has been rough with no heat to say the least. We decided to try and sell the jeep and got an offer within the day! We were both extremely surprised and we got a little more than we thought we would. Neither of us has held so much cash in our lives! Dave called Jeremy and they got the ball rolling to find a new car for us. Less than a day later we have an '04 Acura MDX! Dave flies out to Utah next week and will make the long drive back. He'll get back just in time to pack up and go down to Ohio to look for a house. It all happened so fast that I felt sick after we agreed to an amount for the car. It will be an amazing upgrade for us, but then again anything with heat is a plus!  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Addi

The last week of Dave studying things got a little crazy around here. The weather was absolutely freezing! School got cancelled and the winds were terrible. We didn't really leave the house much which meant for a lot of playing at home. Addison has gotten into this phase of calling herself "Super Addi" from the show Super Why. She puts her pjs half on and runs around like it's a cape. It's pretty funny and she shouts, "Super Addi to the rescue!" We got invited to a birthday party for a friend and they served bright blue cupcakes. Addison smeared the frosting all over her sweet face! She looked like a smurf. Avery has found her feet and boy does she love them. When we put shoes on her for Sunday her hands kept slipping and she would grunt. It was pretty cute. We went to a book sale at the library and Addison got to pick out a few new books. I didn't like the books she picked out mostly because they were too old for her, but I gave in and got them. They are all Disney movie books and a potty book got thrown in there for good luck by me:) She actually sits and will listen as I read the book which are like small chapter books. They keep her pretty occupied during quiet time which has been nice for both of us. Dave tried to go to the temple three times before it was finally open due to bad weather. Addi and I set up a picnic and watched Snow White while he was gone. It was a fun little girls night that ended with a really long bath time with both girls giggling and wrinkled toes. Addison has found a new favorite spot to hide which is under the kitchen table. She likes to take her entire supply of kitchen food and bring it with her almost every day. It kinda drives me nuts because she isn't very good at cleaning it up and she tends to hide on top of the chairs. She will play under there for a least an hour though. We're enjoying Dave being around a little more for the next month. I am especially happy now that Dave will take a shift at night with Avery! We have to speak on Sunday so this week will be preparing our talks. Wish us luck!