Sunday, April 22, 2012

5 Years

Dave and I hit a milestone of five years of blissful marriage at the beginning of the month. It started out with breakfast in bed and getting to sleep in. We had a relaxing afternoon and then dropped Addison off at a babysitters. We went to a really good Italian restaurant called Mulbury Cafe. It was some of the best homemade Italian that either of us has ever had. My meatball was the size of a baseball! Dave got lasagna and it was almost as good as mine:) We topped it off with a pistachio cannoli that hit the spot. Dave gave me a really pretty necklace of two little birds kissing with our initials on it. It was very thoughtful and I will treasure it. 

In 5 years we have...

Lived in Idaho,Texas and New York
Graduated from BYU-I with a Nursing and Special Education degrees
Vacationed to Bahamas, Vegas, Arizona, California, New York City, Hawaii, New Mexico, Boston...and countless others
Had a baby
Driven across the county 
Been in the hospital 5 times...of course all those belong to me!
Started a masters program in Nurse Anesthesia 

Oh did I mention had a baby! We both look back and feel blessed for where we are in our lives in just 5 years. 

Trip to Grammie & Papa

Dave has been swamped with school and it seems like we barley see him. He sent us down to Cincinnati to have some fun with my parents for a little bit. We got to stay for 10 whole days. It was just what we both needed. We got homemade breakfasts per requests almost every morning. Addi got her first aebleskivers and of course loved them. I got some much needed sleeping in and even sneaked in a few naps (ok a lot of naps!). Addison got to taste her first Skyline Chili and she loved it! She would shove fistfuls of noodles and then slurp it down. Grammie and Papa somehow talked me into letting her have her first ice cream cone as well. Of course she was thrilled with this little treat. Her cheeks were beet red after from being so cold, but she didn't seem to mind. She ended up throwing up that night due to the over indulgence of Papa sneaking her frozen yogurt later! I have a feeling that her father's love for ice cream has been passed down to her. Papa had some quality bonding time with little Addi. By the end of the trip she was quietly muttering, "Papa". He would take her for a wagon ride in the afternoon and then cuddle her for a nap. She was on cloud nine. Grammie let her take over the kitchen. She got to pull bowls and spoons out and cook away on the floor. Grammie had a little baby doll for her to play with. When you would say,"Where is your baby?" she would go hurry and find it and give it a hug. Grammie's doll house is also a favorite of hers. She would sit and play with all the little people and push the buttons and get really excited. A lot of stories were read and she even got some new Baby Einstein movies to watch and dance to. I am realizing how happy of a child Addison really is. She has really started to laugh out loud now at just about anything. We were able to go to the Art Museum one day. Addison quickly found out that her voice would echo and we had to keep shoving her binky in her mouth. We went to the zoo and Addison waved to all the animals and started to shout WOW at the bears. She hated her sun hat which was a little bit of a struggle, but overall enjoyed being out in the nice weather. We managed to go the park one evening and got to show Grammie and Papa how much Addison loves swinging. She would hold on tight and open her mouth and smile big. We enjoyed going out to eat and letting Addison make a huge mess with her beans! Addison is pretty much eating all table food. She has baby food only a few times a week. She is a very independent eater. She has to be able to feed herself or it gets thrown on the floor. This is something we are all trying to be patient with:) We survived the 7-8 hour drive there and back and can't wait to do it again!! Thanks for all the memories Grammie and Papa.

On a side note Dave passed his comprehensive exam with flying colors and will start clinicals in about a month! We are really proud of him and all his hard work studying.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


The Easter bunny did stop at our house this year! I found an old halloween costume that I wore and it just happen to fit Addison. She was a little confused about the tail, but left the ears on. The bunny brought her lots of goodies. She got an old fashioned spinning top that I think Dave and I like better than she does. She LOVES her baby doll these days so she got a new bottle and bib for her. When you ask her where her baby is she goes over and gets it. I love seeing her turn into a little girl. The Easter fairies happened to bring her a pretty fluffy pink dress and some little stuffed farm animals. She looked so cute in the dress. She couldn't crawl in it because it was so big. This presented a big problem for her! Dave and I each got our favorite candy and it is already gone. We had a few families over from the ward and had an awesome dinner. It was nice to not make a huge meal just for us. Addison got her first deviled egg and ate it right up! We can't wait for next year when Addison will be able to have an egg hunt and get lots of candy for us!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Warrior Child

Last week we had some more family visitors! Aunt Jenny and Uncle Paul are moving to Pittsburgh this Summer. They were there picking out a place to live and got finished early. They drove the four hours and where here by dinner. Addison enjoyed some quality bonding with her Aunty and even talked to into a few morning naps. We are really looking forward to having more family close by.

Addison went in to get her Easter pictures taken just in the nick of time. She now is covered in two huge goose egg bruises and scratches on her poor face. Dave was joking when we took her out to dinner that we were going to be on the local news for child abuse. She has an obsession with the stairs and we haven't been quick enough these days. I think the Easter bunny might be bringing her a baby gate:)

I would regret to not mention the early anniversary gift that Dave gave me. Jenny, Paul, Dave and I were sitting down to dinner and Dave said he wanted to give me my gift early. I knew when he wanted to give it to me in front of a group that it was going to be interesting. He pops out with a bow and arrow. I think that he took my liking of the Hunger Games a little too seriously(not to mention he bought it from a 15 year old off of craigslist list). Jenny and Paul started laughing as I started to cry. Most people get a piece of jewelry or go on a little trip for their 5th year anniversary. However, I get to say that my man got me a BOW! I am over the initial shock and can't wait to actually celebrate tomorrow!

Dave has been really busy with school. Addison and I are slowly getting used to this fact of life right now. We are really proud of him and know that one day it will pay off...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Baby

Addison June has so much personality we just don't know where she got it from! She has so much hair coming in on top and it is indeed going to be curly. I don't know whether to say sorry or your welcome. She will be ten months this week and I can't handle her growing up so fast! I am learning so much from her in each stage that she is in. There are so many things that I don't want to forget about her. Here is my attempt to document some of them...

* She is awesome at putting the ball in the hole in her dino toy over and over. The music has to be on loud in order for there to be repeated motivation. This is one of my favorite things to watch her do. She will look at you for praise after and then flap her arms up and down really fast.
* She is going to be a phone talker like her mama:) She will take a phone and put it up to her ear and grin. Dave is convinced that she sees someone doing this all day long while he is gone.
* She loves to jabber! We think that she is saying some words, but they are just our own Michael family interpretation. Ba(ball), Hi, waves bye bye, Mama and Dada.
* She tends to say Mama all day long. I used to be really proud of this...until I realized I think she associates that with food. When she gets put in her high chair or I get ready to nurse her she will being shouting it. I guess I am the one who normally feeds her so her confusion is valid.
* She loves to pull books of the shelf and open and close all the pages. I love seeing this. I have a weak spot for buying children's books so I am glad she enjoys them.
* She stands up in the tub almost the whole time. I used to fight this, but it makes he very happy and therefore I gave in. She still  dislikes having under her chin washed:)
* Some new foods that she is enjoying are hummus, bananas(you just can't look at her when she is eating them), clementines, kiwi, bread in any form, crackers, deli ham, potatoes, corn and cheddar cheese. She will reject all of these foods if you try to spoon feed them to her. She is an INDEPENDENT woman and has to be able to fist them in her mouth, hair, ears and floor herself:) We go through several outfits and baths around here.
* She scrunches her nose and snorts in an out on command now. Her dad has been working really hard to perfect this new talent.
* Changing her diaper has become and Olympic event. She runs away now after I get her diaper off. This leads to a lot of naked bums running around here.
*She is a trooper shopper! She loves sitting in the front like a big girl. We will push the cart away from us and say bye bye and then run up to it. This makes her laugh so hard!
* She is starting to stand with no hands for a few seconds. This frightens me to death!!!! We may have a walker on our hands soon.
* Dave will chase her on the floor around the hallway upstairs and she crawls as fast as she can. Her poor little knees are always beet red at night from cruising all day.

We love having such a happy baby. She makes us all crazy and smile at the same time. I hope that she never forgets the love that we have for her and the hopes that we dream for her.