Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I have been MIA in the blogging world for almost a month! I have slacked off and hopefully it won't happen again:) Dave is still busy studying, studying and more studying. I feel like I barley see him. We live for Sundays when he doesn't study. We have gotten hit with a lot of snow that Addison still thinks is "ice cream".  We have been doing a lot of indoor activities to keep us warm and not bundled in a million layers! I took Addison outside with me to shovel one day and ended up having to shove my socks on her hands because she kept ripping off her gloves. I shoved while she ate the other half of the snow on the driveway!

Addison has started to enjoy "helping" more in the kitchen. She gets her hot pads out and tries to open the oven (hopefully that was a first and a last!). She likes to sit up on the counter and stir or hold a spoon while I cook...and lick whatever sweet treat gets left in a bowl. Baby dolls have become very important in this house lately as well. Addison takes her job very seriously and makes sure they get their bum bums wiped, binky in, pushed around the house a few laps and covered in their blankets. She is such a little girly girl! We have added, STOP IT! to the vocabulary recently. Addison has been using it a little too much as she puts her hand up in your face as she says it. I sometimes wonder where she picks these things up?! Someone Addison has figured out how to call Grammie on the phone by herself! I about died when I heard my mom saying hello? Addison requests to call Grammie on the phone at least once a day. She is getting pretty good at talking on the phone and responding to questions. The other day when Addison got up from her nap I asked her what she was dreaming about for so long. She looked at me and said, "Jesus, Family!" It melted my heart! She loves to look at her nursery picture that she colored all week and talks about Jesus and the family when she looks at it. We are still working on her folding her arms for prayer around here! Addison has been enjoying going to a few play dates with her friends. She is a little confused and says that she went to nursery every time I pick her up because they are in her class. Also, every time we leave the house she says, "Church!" I guess we need to get out more so she doesn't think we live at the church:)

I am still running around trying to keep Addison entertained and learning manners. Primary keeps me pretty busy, but things are starting to settle into more of a routine for me. I got assigned a new sister to visit in the ward that is a recent convert. We are going to start the new member lessons soon and all the practice I had with Preach My Gospel while teaching Sunday School might actually come in handy! I am grateful for this gospel and the knowledge that I have. I hope to be able to share my testimony and love for the gospel with this new sister!