Monday, October 31, 2011

Family Photos 2011

We took some family pictures a few weeks ago by a great photographer ( It was freezing, but the effort of getting ready one more time for pictures was not happening. Poor Addison's nose was bright red. Of course she messed her pants halfway through. Luckily the color matched her dress and my sweater so photoshop was easy:) I love creating these memories. I want to do a photo collage on our really big white wall. I just need to find some cool big frames. Dave suggested just painting the frames on the wall (bad joke from my younger years that my parents weren't/still happy about). Addison decided to get creative during the shoot by showing her true love of picture taking in about half of them. We had a great time and thanks again Laura for putting up with our family!



Thursday, October 27, 2011

How do I get anything done...

That's right....How do I get anything done when I have such a cute baby around!!!

Balancing Baby

Daddy Dave loves to do this trick with Addison called balancing baby. He holds her out on his palm and says in a cute voice ( he wouldn't be happy with me calling it that) balancing baby! She loves it! It makes me really nervous when he does it, but it gets her to smile pretty big.

A new nickname we have for her is the little kitty. These pjs have a kitty on the feet and the bum. We love them!


I finished a sign for Addi's room that I have had sitting around for a while. It was a little harder than I thought it was going to be, but I loved the way it turned out!

I have to note that this was a joint effort between Dave and I. His perfectionist skills helped place the stencil:)

Monday, October 24, 2011


My mom can into town to go to Time Out for Women with me. It was in Rochester which is only about an hour away. We had excellent speakers! It was a great girls weekend and just what we all needed. It was a boost of confidence as a new mom and the power of being a woman. Addison did pretty good during the conference. Grammie took her down to the mother's lounge as soon as she would wahhh. If only I could remember to pack extra clothes and more diapers when we travel! I'll get it right one of these days. I was a little nervous staying in a hotel overnight with a baby, but overall she did pretty good. Can't wait til next year!

 Hanging out in the hotel.

 What a good baby during the program.
 The ladies from the Amherst ward.
Don't you just love moments like this!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


The little lady...ROLLED over!!! We have been working on this for a while and thought that her little big head was going to weigh her down. Good old Grammie was able to coax her into doing it. Of course I was sleeping, but it was caught on video and she has performed many more times since! Way to go Addi June!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just Hanging Out

Addison and I are confined to the house. I am going through a little dry spell and feel like I am losing my milk. This means a lot of nursing. Addison is loving and hating it at the same time as am I. We are getting in a lot of quality bonding time though. I have been feeling lately how blessed Dave and I are to be her parents. It hits me every once in a while that she is ours. She has so much of us both in her it is very interesting! Even though I find myself not really knowing what to do with her somehow at the end of the day she is always still smiling at me (or scowling, but i'll take either). So today I am taking a breather and realizing how great it is to be a mama.

What makes Addison her:

*When she gets excited (usually when she sees that I am giving in and picking her up) she stomps her right foot really fast and hard.
* Dave can get her to laugh so hard by doing anything. It kills me that I can't get her to do this, but I love that they can get each other going.
*Still hates gets dressed/changed. She has lungs...that work really well!
* She will stop crying if you start to sing,  If your happy and you know it...
* Likes to hold the pages of the book while we look at them
* Still loves her binky
* Sleeps with her blanket tucked by her cheek (she gets that from me)
* Loves to stand. Hates to sit and still REALLY hates tummy time. We are making small strides with this one.
* Will sit in her swing while I make dinner and talk to herself. We like to call it the cats meow. She is loud and goes for a long time.
* No luck on rolling over yet and not really interested in the thought of it either.
* Isn't spitting up as much which equals me smelling just a little better everyday!
* Absolutely loves bath time...until you start to wash her then it is all down hill.
* Is getting more hair on top of her head. It is looking like a dirty blonde.
* Has tiny feet (she gets this from me as well) and short arms. She wears bigger clothes, but her poor arms are too short so we have to roll everything. The little lady has so many cute shoes just waiting for her! She is barley a size 1. She missed out on a LOT of sandals this summer. Grow feet grow!!
*Has Dave's little eyes. I love it.
* She has blue eyes. We thought that they would change and they still might. Neither of us has blue eyes which always raises questions:)
* Loves to go on walks in her stroller.
* She is a pretty good sleeper. I love her for this so very much!
* Has the best rolls all over in the world!

We love you Addison and don't want you to ever forget that! 

 Do you see that DROOL!

 Dave told me to grab her a jacket...I think she is going to out grow this one before it is time!

Dinner at Reb Robin...Yummy!