Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I'm back to the triple digits down here in the desert! It has been so blessed hot that Dave and I sucked into our bathing suits and have been enjoying the pool. Much to Dave's embarrassment I even dug out our snorkel gear to play around with:) At least it is not the bathtub anymore...right!

Last night was a great night...Midnight Premier of Eclipse!! Compared to my past experiences of waiting in line for long hours this one was pleasant. There was a little Twilight party I went to and then headed over to the theater to find out they had already seated. Walked right in and got a pretty decent seat! It was very fun and even better to be able to give little screams and not have Dave even know:) 

Memorial Day weekend we went to the Gila Valley Cliff Dwellings with our friend's the Bingham's. It was very interesting and beautiful weather. However, the twisty drive to get there made Dave and I both sick! It was long and so curvy I thought we both were going to have a shared "toss your cookies" experience. It was a short hike (Dave is breaking me in slowly) and very much worth it.
It was amazing to think that people actually built their lives in the middle of a cliff. I do have to admit that as we explored my mind wandered to the Hunger Games and how I could survive...dork I know:)
Although I am deathly afraid of heights I was able to handle my fears for an afternoon.

On the way back we stopped at the City of Rocks. It literally was a random area of giant rocks in the middle of nowhere. Dave had fun monkey climbing around and I was content finding patches of shade to watch from.

The week I got back we headed over to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park for a day of hiking. I will say that I was the one that suggested this outing, but WOW it was hot hot hot! It was about 5 miles round trip and Dave got me up at 5:30 to go so it was a long day. I have never had a back pack sweat mark...until now. It was gross!!
So, after doing something that Dave enjoys it was my turn for some fun. We found a pottery place like Color Me Mine and we painted a fun dip bowl.
A perfect holder for my gummi bears!

We are headed for the temple this weekend and just trying to stay cool in this weather. Dave signed up for the GRE at the end of July so it is crunch time!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All Good Things Come To An End...

That's right the title says it all...I am no longer a valued Sam's club associate. I was stripped of my royal blue vest and my membership given back! I must say it was an interesting two months, but not ones that I want to relive. I will say that I feel a lot more street smart and more capable of standing up for myself.

Enough of that...I have a lot to recap on from the past month.

Trip Home
I quit Sam's on a Tuesday and Dave and i decided that I was due for a visit to Ohio and I hopped on a plane Thursday. I am having a hard time adjusting to the hot hot would think growing up in it for 20 years I would already be used to it?!? I will say that my curly hair is loving it:)

Carlsbad Caverns
Dave had a few days off and so we went over to Carlsbad Caverns. We did the cave tour all day and then found a yummy Mexican place for dinner followed by a drive in movie. It was a short but a really fun little get  away.

I even sported my new camelpack. 
If you look closely the sign says, "Weak Knees Common"
We both made fun of this sign...mine hurt for two days!
I'm still not sure why we wore long sleeves it was about 85 degrees?
We chose to go down the natural entrance. This was the opening. Thank goodness it was not bat season yet!
Everything was so interesting and amazing so deep below the surface. The "No Touching" policy was difficult for both Dave and I:)
I was kept entertained with my water. A problem when there is no where to go to the bathroom!
Here is the famous...I force Dave to document he was actually there as well picture.
Thank goodness you get to take an elevator back up!

That is enough picture overloads for now. I will post about our Cliff Dwellings trip another night.