Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sunday's I Play Dress Up

Sunday's are the only day that I get up and force myself to get ready. It's like a free day where I convince myself that I feel okay! I like to take belly shots on Sunday's so that this baby doesn't know that I live in my pajamas that don't fit the rest of the week:) Addison has become a great photographer and she gets really excited when I ask her to take some pictures. 

What We Do

Addison doesn't nap anymore and fights the days that she could use a nap to stay awake. One day she got all geared up to go play out in the snow and Dave looked over and she was face down snoozing away. We both couldn't believe what we saw and couldn't stop laughing! She was down for about an hour in all her warm gear. 
On Tuesdays and Thursdays while Addison is at preschool Avery and have buddy time. We sometimes go get smoothies and we then end up at a store or the library. She somehow talks me into turning on the DVD player in the van as we move around town:) I enjoy our one on one time together and will hold onto it for a few more weeks till we add another buddy! My baby belly is growing growing! Bending over is proving to be a challenge and picking up Avery is near impossible. I am still on mild bed rest and will be until I deliver. I have had so many doctor appointments I can't even count! The only plus is that I get to have a lot of ultrasounds so I get to see the little lady a lot. Addison and Avery have been troopers through all of the bouncing around from different play dates. My appointments are so long that I can't bring them with me. I used to love to bring Addison with me to my appointments when I was pregnant with Avery. She would get really excited to hear the heartbeat every time. Things have been so different this time around.
Sunday's have become matching dress day for Addison and Avery. They like to take turns picking out with dress they will wear together. Avery still HATES to wear tights. We usually have to bribe her with a couple packs of fruit snacks in order to get her legs in. On the Sunday's that Dave has ward council it's an even bigger wrestling match! 
Since I've been on bed rest Dave hasn't been picking up extra shifts at other hospitals. We've enjoyed the extra time with him around. It's going to be hard when things go back to normal. We like to go to the library a lot these days. We bring a big bag and fill it with books and then pick up a movie or two to watch. We discovered a new to us library that has a great children's section. There is a giant lego table, dollhouses, puppets, a little playhouse and lots and lots of books. It's been the perfect place to go after quiet time to pass the time till dinner. 
This winter has truly been brutal for illnesses. The girls and I have gotten the throw ups twice. At one point we all just slept on beach towels because I got tired of changing sheets. Being pregnant and getting the stomach bug is cruel combination. Poor Avery doesn't is the worst when she gets sick. She doesn't understand what is happening and would just cry. It broke my heart that I couldn't do anything. Thankfully Dave doesn't have the gag reflux that I do and can handle helping the girls make it to the bathroom. I run away dry heaving and gagging! 


The girls LOVE to go to the Air Force Airplane Museum. Dave and I love to go because it's free and it entertaining for us all:) We discovered a new wing of the museum that we never had made it to. It was a lot of hands on activities for the girls. We spent the whole afternoon there and it was a good distraction from the freezing weather outside!

Warm Days

This weather has been so strange! One day we'll have snow flurries and they cancel school. The next it's 55 degrees out and we're in light jackets! Avery is now tall enough to ride the scooter and she is on cloud nine. She moves at turtle speed which is perfect for my pace these days. Addison is becoming more and more of a pro on her bike. She rides way ahead and then will park her bike and run back to us. They are both really good at leaving their helmets on and love to ride outside. I'm looking forward to this Spring when I can keep up speed with them and push baby girl in a stroller!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dr. Avery

The girls are both really into playing "doctor". They like to do it to their stuffed animals, each other and of course me! Avery will come sit on my lap and give me a full check up. Meanwhile, Addison in the background is singing the theme song from Doc McStuffins. I love their imaginations and that they are playing together now. They are both learning the art of sharing. I think they do a pretty good job at it and Addison is always a nice big sister. Avery is getting the hang of taking turns with all the toys:)

Good Old Family Time

We had a week where the weather was really bitter and we all got cabin fever staying inside! It was a Saturday and we decided to get in the car and drive up to the Columbus Temple. There were snow flurries coming down, but we packed a lunch and bundled up. The girls have both been begging to go up to the temple so we made their wish come true. We walked around the temple and looked at the pretty details. Avery was crushed that we weren't going to go inside. We did our best to explain that she has to wait until she's 12. Addison understands that now which is fun to talk about with her. Since we had driven all the way to Columbus we tried to find some things to do up there. We went to a mall that had a big indoor play place and the girls ran around. Afterwards we grabbed some dinner for the car and headed back to Dayton. At the last minute we decided to take the girls to see the movie, Peanuts. It was playing at the dollar theater and Dave was there to help wrestle the girls. I was surprised at how well Avery did this time around. Halfway through Dave went and bought a big popcorn for us all to share. It was a really nice family day and everyone went to bed early that night from all the running around!
We made a goal to read the scriptures every night even if it is just a verse. Addison likes to repeat a few verses and Avery usually starts off interested and then runs away. We are doing really well so far, but it'll probably still take 10 years to finish! Most of the time someone is hanging off the couch or jumping on Dave's back. Bless his heart he just keeps on reading!
Addison discovered that the grocery stand in the playroom has signs you can flip. She loves to set up a lemonade stand now for everyone. She does a really good job pouring and even gives Avery the special cup with a lid. Addison usually will talk Dave into being her customer as well. We've had a lot of days inside this month and we're making the most of them! My house will never be clean, but at least we're happy!