Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Ninja Turtle Style

Dave had another birthday at the beginning of the month. He didn't want anything big or even a party, but his girls new that was all a show. The girls and I spent the day running around putting together the perfect boy party. It was a little rough trying to convince Addison that Daddy might not want a Sleeping Beauty party. We settled on a very boy theme of Ninja Turtles. We got lots of balloons, plates, cups, napkins, decorations and topped it off a bright Ninja Turtle cake. Dave picked to eat Five Guys for dinner so Addison and I picked it up and brought it home. The cake stained everyones mouth blue and had like 2 inches of frosting! Addison helped me smell lots of cologne until we found the perfect one. The girls also picked out a new shirt that we wrapped in camo paper. A few of the young men brought over cookies and surprised Dave later that night. It was a fun little family party and we always enjoy spoiling our hard working daddy! 

Thursday, August 6, 2015


On July 1st a week into Addison's swim lessons she broke her wrist. It was very sad and for 4 weeks we missed out on a lot. Addison went to a play date to the park with a new family in our ward. I was home with Avery having her speech therapy session. Addison came home a lot earlier than I thought she was going to and was crying. The mother didn't know what was wrong, but Addison wouldn't stop crying. I fed the girls lunch and then put them both in their rooms for some quiet time. I went up to check on Addison who was wimping loudly. Her wrist had almost doubled in size and she said it hurt. She was still able to move it so I didn't think that it was broken. I arranged a sitter for Avery and took Addison up to the ER on base. they did x rays and sure enough she had broken the outer bone. It was so sad! I was frustrated that the base wasn't really equipped to help with a child splint and sling. She had to have a soft cast for a week before they set it. They had to put it up past her elbow and that made her cry HARD! Our summer water plans and Kings Island plans had to be put on hold. When we got out to Idaho Uncle Spencer who worked for an orthopedic group was able to bring her a short arm splint. The splint was waterproof and so Addison was a happy camper. We just got the brace off and the x rays came back good. I hope to not have to deal with a stinky cast for a long time...or ever again!

Trying to Survive

I seem to go through a slump each year where the blogging world gets away from me! This past month has been difficult health wise so I haven't stayed caught up. I'm still struggling trying to figure out how to cope with the changes of my body. It is so strange to me that all of a sudden I can't eat certain things. I've been living off of turkey sandwiches and a lot of plums! I have a few doctor appointments in the next couple of weeks so hopefully I'll have new answers. 

Our summer family vacation has already come and gone. Dave managed to get two full weeks to take us to Idaho. Makel got married and we decided to stay a week after to play in the Idaho sun. I forget how humid Ohio is until we leave! It was so nice to have Dave around the clock and I'm finding myself having a hard time now that we're back. We got to have Grandpa Michael's "awful waffles" which are still my favorite a couple of times. The girls loved filling up Grandma's big jet tub and pretending to swim in it. They stayed in so long that I didn't think they would un-prune! Grandma surprised the grand kids with a blow up bounce house. I think Avery could of lived in it if we would of let her. Dave got to spend a day with Jeremy mountain biking in Jackson Hole. Andrea came over from Salmon and we went and did some lady things kid free. I wish we lived closer to each other as I long for a good friend. We had to go take Addison to have her foot x-rayed because she wouldn't even walk on it. It turned out to only be a sprain. Dave had a crazy allergic reaction to some weeds and was swollen for almost 3 days! Dave started out with a cold and manged to pass it to Avery and then myself. I was miserable the last 4 days that we were there. I always seem to get sick with the transition of climate. We were lucky enough to get some family photos taken by Dave's cousin Lindsey. She did such a great job. We had to be up and ready by 6 am and that was a little rough! The girls did pretty good and we went through a giant bag of M&Ms for smile bribes. We spent most of the first half of the time that we were there prepping for the wedding. We helped make decorations, lots and lots of food and then setting up. The weather wasn't super good the day of the wedding. The rain held off for almost the whole reception. Makel made a beautiful bride and the girls had fun getting dressed up in fancy dresses. Idaho was a fun trip and I enjoyed it even more this summer with Dave being there:)