Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Boys Will Be Boys

One of the responsibilities that Dave has being the Young Men's president is organizing a high adventure. All of the boys ages 16-18 were invited to go. They had six boys go and the Bishop went as well. Dave took Monday through Friday off of work to go. I was slightly bitter that the Air Force gives almost 2 weeks allotted for Boy Scout of America related activities...but it's near impossible to get time for emergencies (okay rant over!). Dave spent a lot of time planning and organizing a fun man trip since a few of these boys graduated high school this year. They went four hours away to West Virginia to a place called New Rive Gorge. They had a packed week of white water rafting, paint balling, mud obstacle courses, hiking, campfires, yummy food and lots of memories. I helped come up with some easy camping food and Dave took the boys grocery shopping. No one got hurt and everything came back friends. The trip was a success! Although, it was horrible timing for Dave to be gone since I had just been in the ER. My amazing mom came up and moved in for the week. She helped take care of the girls while I was drugged up on pain pills for four days. I started to feel really sorry for myself that Dave was gone and that he is never here when I don't feel good. I'm grateful that Dave was able to serve, but sometimes it's hard when it interferes with family needs. The past six months have brought a lot of growth for our little family. I think the Lord provides windows of opportunities for us to sacrifice for his work. It makes us grateful for each other and that we all operate in harmony.