Wednesday, June 26, 2013

" I want the twinkler!"

We have spent almost every waking moment outside for the past few weeks. Addison has turned into a, "take my shoes off the second I leave my house girl". It drives me nuts, but there is only so much bending over I have handle these days:) A favorite around here has become the twlinker (sprinkler). Addison doesn't really even go near it most of the time, but enjoys aiming it toward me or the open sandbox. Our neighbor has a 7 year old little girl named, Tatelyn. Addison loves playing with her! She went over to her door today and knocked to see if she could play. It was really cute and Tatelyn is great to push Addi around in the wagon. 
We pulled out the big girl potty last was an interesting week! We had about as many accidents as we did successes. It is going to be our summer project. We started out giving stickers and graduated to a prize box. We have discovered that Addison has a bladder of steel. She can sit through almost the entire movie of Cinderella without going. Then she will stand up run around for 5 minutes and go on her stool. We have now bought an extra pack of big girl panties and do a lot of laundry! 
We took a break from potty training and invited Kait and Will to the zoo. Addison loved toddling around with her BFF Will despite the fact that most of the animals were no where to be found! We are busy eating lots of snow cones and staying up way to late playing outside. Dave doesn't have class on Mondays during the Summer so we are enjoying the extra time we get with him. I just hit 7 months and am feeling pretty good. I am staying cool in my bathing suit hiding in the back yard and sitting in the air conditioning. Jenny arrived for 2 weeks before she heads off to a new adventure. Addison is already tormenting Harley and being a stinker to Aunt Jenny. We have some fun things planned if the rain will stay away! 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Grandma Comes!

Grandma Michael made the trek out to visit us for ten days this past week! With that came terrible weather though which changed a few plans. We had a good time running in and out of the ran and wearing big rain coats and umbrellas. Addison was pretty happy to have another live in play mate who she got to boss around and give her extra long baths. We celebrated Addison's birthday with cupcakes that she helped me make after we picked up Sharon from the airport. Addison was really good at holding the mixer and managed to get a lot of licks of batter! We let her open up the presents from Dave and I after dinner of homemade pizza (one of her favorites). She was most excited about her very own princess band-aids. She got to do with them as she pleased and most of them ended up and down my arms. She also really liked her new baby carrier backpack. We have a hard time getting it off of her sometimes;) A set of princess little people and new tennis shoes we among the loot as well. I would say she had been a pretty good girl this past year! Dave had clinical while Sharon was here so we ran around mostly without him. We went to the park( o n the only nice day!), Explore and More Museum, the mall play place, went strawberry picking, did a little bit of shopping and a whole lot of playing at home. I had a few doctor's appointments that it was nice to leave Addison home for. Once the weekend hit Dave and I got to go to the temple and it was really nice to not worry about paying a babysitter. I randomly got sick Saturday night and stayed home from church. Later we all loaded up and went to Toronto for a few days...which it also rained there the whole time too (bad luck). The highlight of the trip for Addison was swimming after dinner in the big pool. Grandma Michael gave her a floatie for the pool that she was pretty excited to wear. We went to Casa Loma, an indoor kiddie amusement park and toured around the city. We got to eat out a few times and I even managed to find my favorite cannoli ice cream at The Silo. We had a great visit!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Megan Comes!

My friend Megan from college made a trip out to see us last week. We did a lot of running around and fit in some much needed girl time! We drove to Palmyra after church and were able to fit in all the sights before they closed. It doesn't matter how many times I have done the tours there I learn something new each time and feel the spirit throughout it as well. It has been such a blessing to live to close to a great church history site. Monday was Memorial Day and Dave had it off so we walked across to Canada to show Megan the falls. The weather was perfect! It seems like every time we go over it is 100 degrees and really humid. We brought a picnic and found a shady tree to eat by. Little Miss Addison had to sit on a bag because the grass was bothering her...oh boy! We walked a TON! Up and down the whole Canadian side of the falls and then up some side tourist streets. We ended of course with a Hershey's chocolate milk shake. We then headed over to the American side of the falls to do Cave of the Winds. Dave stayed back with Addison which turned out to be a good thing. We got soaked! To end Memorial Day we grilled out and had yummy corn and watermelon. The weather got rainy and cold so Megan treated Addison to a Build-A-Bear at the mall for her birthday. Addison picked out a huge bunny that was almost her same size! She loved it and her favorite part was "drying" the bunny. We got terrible pedicures one evening and tried to make up for it by going out to dinner. On the last day the weather cleared up and we fit in the zoo. Megan and I went out to eat kid free on her last night! It was ladies night at the Melting Pot and it was amazing! Thanks again Megan for making the trip to New York!

Look At Me, I'm Two!

The day has come and gone...but we are still celebrating! Birthdays in this family are never just one day it seems like:) Addison June Michael turned the bug number 2 yesterday on June 3rd. Addison woke up to her favorite breakfast of hootenanny pancakes or as she calls them "hoop-aps-anys". The weather was a little on the chilly side, but Addison still enjoyed having some friends over for a party. She had a snow cone and pool party. We set up a sprinkler and two little baby pools with lots of water toys. I made some sidewalk paint with turned out to be the highlight of the party. All the kids including Addison had about 3 snow cones with added to the color of their already blue lips! Dave has Mondays off which worked out perfectly for him to man the snow cone station. After playing around we had a lunch which consisted of pb&J, goldfish, watermelon and juice boxes. We put a candle in Addison's sandwich and everyone sang her favorite song to her. She was very giggly and excited until we told her to blow out the candle(the wind kept blowing it out!). All of Addison's friends were very thoughtful to bring her little gifts. She kept trying to give them back as her friends were leaving. Her guest list consisted of Alexis Kunz, Kamea & Kalie Quinn, Cole Richards, Will Smith and Sofia Lee. It was a great party and everyone was sent home with a balloon and bubbles as a thank you. After everyone left and nap time was over Addison opened a helmet and a bike seat from Dave and I. Her helmet has big kitty ears and a nose on it. She was pretty excited and loved riding behind her dad. I got the bright idea to tag along...I am regretting it today. Six month pregnant woman aren't meant to ride bikes! We ended the day by going to Red Robin were Addison was sung to again and then got a giant ice cream sundae all to herself! Grandma Michael is coming into town today so we are waiting to do cupcakes and presents with her. 

We are so grateful for this past year that we have had watching Addison grown into the little lady that she is. She has a strong personality for such a small girl! She tells you what she wants and when she wants it, but at the end of the day she still wants her daddy to rock her for a few minutes. Happy Birthday Addison!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Baby Time

I am officially on the down hill count of baby girl #2! I just passed 24 weeks and it feels good. I can't believe I still have 4 months left, but if I can have half the energy I do now I will survive:) We are gearing up for Summer visitors and Addison's birthday and party tomorrow. Grandma Michael is coming in a few days and Addison is really excited to have her here to play!