Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fajen Family Reunion 2010

Who doesn't love a family party!?! Celebrating my Dad's birthday was only half of the fun. It was an amazing trip and unforgettable memories were made. I can't wait for Reunion 2011!
Here is the week in replay...

The first few days were spent running around picking everyone up at the airport. 
When we finally were all reunited we attended a Red's baseball game. We were even allowed to get hot dogs and peanuts:)

Later that night I survived sharing a bedroom wall with my niece...okay I actually only lasted one long sleepless night. Good thing she is cute!!!
We all had fun learning to feed Ella her yummy gross baby food...even Uncle Dave volunteered a few times.
No one even got messy!

For the party day we were all gifted with matching t shirts! My dad's had a special message on the back, but for the love of my mom I won't display it. We had a delicious Malia's Kitchen catered dinner and stuffed ourselves to the max!
Uncle Jim and Livy were kind enough to come down from Michigan to celebrate.* Note the birthday banner!! I snagged it at the last minute to bring...might as well get use out of it right:)
Dave didn't even put up a fight to wear it!
Even Ella got one.
We joined the fellow cornhole lovers.
She loves her sunglasses...and leaves them on!
Happy cousins

King's Island made the itinerary since none of us had been in probably 10 years. Mom and Dad enjoyed pushing Ella around in the stroller and taking her to the Snoopy shows. What good grandparents:) Jonathan mapped out our ride schedule and we were able to hit a ton of rides...even though he has us power waking the whole time! We were one of the last cars out of the parking lot. Our feet hurt I couldn't tell where my stomach was from the roller coasters, but we all had a ton of fun.
There was A LOT of line waiting which equaled good family bonding. Don't worry we behaved the rules of line jumping...but EXcuse me to whoever didn't!!!
Took a little skyline break for lunch. Jonathan planning the next half of the day for us.
We got the same thing, but somehow Dave's is double mine? Oh wait...he sweet talked the underage concession stand girl!! Gotta love him:)

We were lucky enough to be in town for the famous WEBN Labor Day fireworks show. Dave thought he had high expectations of the Idaho Falls firework show. Boy was he surprised what Cincinnati had to offer!! Little did he know that he would get an even better people show:)
We all kept sliding down the hill, but it was still worth it!
Ella didn't enjoy having to wear her little ear plugs.
We all got to eat our favorite Nati foods.
Ella survived all of the smothering Aunts.

Jonathan's birthday landed while we were home too so we got double birthday cake!
The boys enjoyed steaks the size of their faces!
What good sisters to give him a tent!
Dave learned how to do balloon animals.
Grandpa just lovin Ella.
I got eaten alive by the mosquitos!!
Played lots of fun games...I even won a few!
Ended the trip with a stop at our favorite Cheesecake factory.
Happy Birthday Dad and Jonny Boy! This trip was a great way to end our Fajen Family visits for the year.

The best news on the trip was that Dave has an interview with Boston College and Northeastern this weekend!! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us!