Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bottoms Up!

We are pleased to announce that we are expecting our first baby on June 9th, 2011!!

We mailed this little surprise to our family members to open on Thanksgiving. I kept the secret for a whole 12 weeks!
We convinced my parents to fly down for Thanksgiving promising it would be one to remember. It was so fun to see their reactions in person!

I scheduled my ultrasound for while they were in town and it was a really special experience.
 The little one is growing perfectly with a strong heartbeat! We even got to see legs flying and arming squirming.

Hopefully the rough nights are coming to an end and I can start to enjoy this pregnancy. We are both kind of still in the shock mode, but are looking forward to the next 6 months!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy October!

October started off with getting to throw my friend April a baby shower! Who doesn't love to throw a party!? After pulling Dave's arm to be out of the house and go golfing the fun began.
We had great food! Lexy helped plan the menu and her chocolate cake was to die for:)
 I can't wait for baby Kaben to arrive!

Our complex hosted a fabulous Halloween party! They had yummy food and even better door prizes. Of course we didn't win anything, but it was still fun. Dave even learned that not all slushy machines serve virgin drinks:) After several, "This drink so gross"... I took one sniff and realized it was a Margareta!! Ha Ha!!! He will not be living that one down for a while.
Cute little devil Lexi
  We all cheered loud enough that Little Woody won the costume contest.
Best part of the night was the free "fortune teller". Dave and I had a lot of fun with this one. I couldn't resist getting a picture with the person who told me I would have six children and come across a lot of money:)

I have decided that all holidays are better when you have 24 little ones going crazy about it! At school we had a fun trick or treating to the classrooms party. These kids made out pretty good considering we had to empty into garbage bags halfway through!
The Cat in the Hat crew. I regretted the blue hair after about the 3rd wash.
We ended the week with our ward's Halloween party. At the last minute Dave got put on call and was oh so happy to attend:) I went as a tiger and Dave was....a nurse.

October was a great month. Dave got to squeeze in a few extra days and work. I still have my job:) The best news of all was that after interviewing at University of Buffalo we found out 24 hours later that we could be seeing at of blue buffalo's!!!!!!
Dave got accepted into his first school! The program starts next September so we still have some time to decide. I guess I better not get rid of all my winter things:)