Sunday, November 9, 2014


These two ladies in our lives have such personality. Addison is at such a fun age...most of the time:) She loves to comb her ponies hair and take care of her babies. She even asked if Grammie could watch her babies for her when we go down there. It made me smile and it reminded me of myself. Addison fills her shopping cart packed with as many things as she can and then carts it around all day. Avery usually gets in there and toddles behind it as well. Addison is learning to share and help "watch" Avery for me. When I shower Addison plays legos or reads books to keep Avery from drinking and playing in the toilet water. Every day Addison requests an Elsa braid for her hair. She loves to put it over her shoulder and sing all the songs. We were lucky enough to sneak in a nice day at the park last week while visiting my parents. Addison has gotten so strong and can hold herself on the monkey bars. We're working on pumping her legs to swing. Addison pretty much lives off of bread and cheese. I don't know how she has so much energy when she eats like a bird! Addison has a heart of gold and loves when her daddy is home to make his pancakes for her:) 

Avery has taken off WALKING! It started about a week ago and she is pretty much walking all the time now. I love watching the beginning phases of when they realize they can go faster by walking. She has a lot more bruises on her forehead, but she is loving the new freedom. Along with walking she is also climbing up the stairs. It's really helpful to not have to carry her up every time now. I don't worry about tripping as much now not carrying her. Avery has developed a short temper at meal times! The girl wants her food and she wants it fast. She will literally shove the entire plate in her mouth in one giant fistful. We like to call her hippo teeth because her top teeth are so far apart. Its really cute and funny when she does a big cheese grin. Avery is starting to carry purses over one shoulder. She packs small things in it and drags it around the house. Changing her diaper is a NIGHTMARE. She still screams, twists and turns until I basically have the diaper on crooked. Every morning when I open the blinds Avery takes her pointer finger and goes "OOOHHH" and looks for the horses. She loves to stand at the back door and watch them. Her favorite thing to do is to throw her food over the edge of her highchair and say, "Uh, OH". Its more of a really long "Uhhhh". It drives me nuts and she is fast at it! Her hair is starting to come in more in the back, not fast enough on top to do a little pinny tail. Avery loves to stick her finger in Addison's belly button in the bath tub. It makes Addison laugh so hard I love it. Avery will take a wash cloth and try and scrub Addison and it tickles her. They are starting to play together and I love it! These two girls are my pals and I love watching them develop differently and learn and grown together!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Smash the Cake

Avery had the privileged of getting her own Smash the Cake photo shoot a couple of weeks ago! I love how they turned out. Poor Saundra who took them had to work around Avery's cranky mood. She wasn't so sure about all the balloons and frosting everywhere. She cried the last half of the session, but she was about to capture some really nice ones. Avery's brown eyes make me melt! We love our little brown eyed baby!