Friday, September 9, 2016

Newborn Bliss

My parents were saints and kept Addison and Avery for just over a week after Audrey was born. The whirlwind that surrounds adjusting to a newborn makes my cry...cry a lot! Audrey did a lot of sleeping during the wrong part of the day. It's amazing what you forget each time and how utterly exhausting you become. I do love the snuggling and scrunching up that comes the first few weeks. Audrey had reflux just like Avery did. This meant a lot of screaming and projectile vomiting. We got her put on some medicine and it has seemed to make a big difference. I've invested in a huge stack of bibs and burb cloths! Audrey has the most hair out of all our babies. It was dark and thick in the back! Addison and Avery had the time of their lives while down at Grammie and Papa's. They went to the zoo, the movie theater, the park, fun breakfasts and lots and lots of playing. We were so grateful for their help. I ended up having to go to a lot of doctor appointments which was challenging. Dave had two full weeks off and it was wonderful. 

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